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3ds Max facial Animation Script FaceEngine

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08-05-2011 02:52 AM
Dear Friends ,

Hello ,

The easier way to make 3d facial animations in 3ds max , you can use our script called "faceengine"

And , You can check the faceengine trial script and related files at :
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Re: 3ds Max facial Animation Script FaceEngine

08-05-2011 04:17 AM in reply to: Faceactor
So you have to sent the 3d file to you, and you get back a rigged face.... or just the coordinates where you want bones, and you provide a script that will then rig the face, a $199,- per model....

This business model cannot work, I'm sorry, there's no freedom at all, nothing is rigged, just bones are placed.

---- seems I cannot add new posts... below my reply -----

The problem for me is the end result is just a bunch of well placed bones, with simple controls to modify just that point. When I said no rigging, I didn't mean skinning, I meant animation controls. Animators want as few controls as possible to flesh out the animation and then continue fine tune. I mean, make a mouth corner control that pulls *all* lip controls by a certain amount. Interact with a region of the face not just a point. You're also not offering any animation controls, no way to store poses and reuse poses or animation. It's just bones, and also just position based. What happens when you want to roll the lips, do you have rotation in there?

If you look at something like for example, it offers so much more and in the end is so much cheaper (you buy the tool, so you can reuse it over and over), because you can rig unlimited characters, and learn rigging at the same time. I haven't used it myself, but it came to mind, I have my own systems. And lately we've been looking at hybrid solutions (morph/bone). Also there's a bunch of free stretchy bones scripts out there, that will almost do the same thing, offcourse not for a whole face, but if you place some helpers with autogrid on and connect them with stretchy bones in between them, that would almost be the same right!?

Bottomline from my POV you offer very little in return for a large amount of money, now if you offered great skinning to go, that would be cool (still to pricey for my taste), but now the user has to do that himself. And you know good skinning takes quit some time too.

Please explain some more on where the 2 years of development went into.

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Re: 3ds Max facial Animation Script FaceEngine

08-05-2011 06:35 AM in reply to: Faceactor
Thank you very much for your reply and interest , but , I need to explain :

The simple models are approximately between 20 $ - 80 $ , so my price high ?

To create and place the facial stretchy bones and to create the wiring parameters according to the Facial inverse kinematics for a 3d head model can take a lot of time , especially for the beginners , I designed a system to do this without 3d model sharing , I think this is useful and save a lot of time for the animations , and also , this service is not expensive according to the simple model prices

And about rigging :
I did not make the "adding skin modifier" automatically , because It takes 10 secınds for users , If I did it , you can call my script " facerobot for 3ds max " , but skin weight setup is a must in my script like others , especially like facerobot , it uses fine tune set up by the users , have you got experience on it ?

to create the rigged and fine-tuned 3d facial model in the same time for faacial animations is impossible as you know , It needs artificial intelligence, but it does not exist in the market today in this field.

Finally , I know this business model is different , but I can not share the source files for converting process in this copy-paste and torrent world :smileyhappy: , Because , It took 2 years to develop my script with Facial mocap system

Thank you again
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Re: 3ds Max facial Animation Script FaceEngine

08-05-2011 07:06 AM in reply to: Faceactor
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Re: 3ds Max facial Animation Script FaceEngine

08-05-2011 04:38 PM in reply to: Faceactor
Actually , there is not a lot of thing to say , because ,
maybe , you like and you buy or not , So this is very simple question ,

but , nevermore , I can explain for the readers ,
very facial animation without morphing is based on facial bones as you know , and can you say which lets the user selection one by one to create the bones ? is there in the market or forums ? I talk about a system , not about a bone component ,

Maybe a lot of strechy bones out there , which can create the bones for a human face ? and which has an IK for the jaw for example ? maybe to create the bones ( stretchy or not ) and to set up an IK are easy for you , but for the beginners ?

In other words , How much time does it take to create an IK and strerchy bones for a human face ? or as I said , you know a system doing this in the market without the bonyface,

By the way , I know this bonyface company , ununiform scale and scale and scale for the prepared bone system according to the user head models by the user , right ?

My last answer for 2 years to develop , It was for the developing the automatically bone system and facial motion capture software by a web-cam at home for the home users and beginners :

Everything was for the beginners and home users , because , every person can not have a chance for working in a professional animation company , I will chance that :smileyhappy: