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What is best practise - Line widths

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08-22-2012 08:26 AM

Morning -


We are having s discussion on the best practise for creating drawings.


We have been assign layers to colors and colors to pen widths - red - layer 01 - .15 mm


Generally we plot to "D" size paper, however we do go to 8x11.5 and 11x17 at times


Is this old thinking or is there a more "Better" way to do it now

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Re: What is best practise - Line widths

08-23-2012 05:20 AM in reply to: XlhHarley

I believe that you will get as many opinions one way as you will the other.

CTB vs. STB is the question.


I am a single shop and have been doing as you since the beginning.

Never read a good reason to do it any other way. Though there have been good reasons posted.


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Re: What is best practise - Line widths

08-23-2012 08:23 AM in reply to: XlhHarley

Both STB and CTB work -- and advantages to either.  Although, I personally find plotting by named styles to be more flexible on strictly internal things,  and far less useful when collaborating with ecternal parties.


the critical thing, is to always work with  "by layer" properties, and use layering to control the appearance/weights of hardcopy output.  Assigning individual entities colors and weights is far less useful, and detracts from collaboration



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