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*Yoder, S.
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11-03-2000 12:38 PM in reply to: *Roderick, Joel
I should also mention that we have the Real Time monitor set to "incoming
only" and not to monitor network drives on the desktop workstations. If it's
made it to the server or local drive it has been scanned, so why waste the
CPU and resources to scan outgoing?

Now we do monitor both ways on the Exchange Server and do monitor incomming
from network drives on the laptops. Also, all the Win9x machines have the
Resouce Meter in the Startup group so it is easy to keep an eye on what's

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*Roderick, Joel
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11-03-2000 01:18 PM in reply to: *Roderick, Joel
We have been experiencing problems while using Win98 and Norton Anti-Virus
Corporate Edition. I am going to try and adjust the real time scanning and
see if that help. I appreciate the feedback you guys have given - thanks.

Joel Roderick
Project Designer
Water Technology, Inc.

"Eva Schillace" wrote in message
> Another point of view: We use Acad 14 & 2000i on a mix of Win98 and
> machines, with both McAfee and Norton AV running all the time, and have
> had any of the potential problems mentioned. YMMV.
> -Eva
> "S. Yoder" wrote:
> > "Dennis S. Nunes" wrote in message
> > news:1DDEBC1477A13BAB1507E90EE01F25F3@in.WebX.SaUCah8kaAW...
> > > So what is a cad user to do, run "unprotected" if they are running
> > > 98?
> >
> >
> > Just one person's/company's experience here: We use/have used Computer
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