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Re: Upgrading "Old School" Thinking

12-05-2000 04:23 AM in reply to: *Shipley, Jonathan
Thanks for the input. I will defenitly try some of the ideas that were
mentioned. I have a company wide meeting tomorrow that will allow myself
address upgrading of software to everyone(Including the powers-that-be)
instead of the one on one I have been trying.

Jonathan Shipley
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12-08-2000 12:10 AM in reply to: *Shipley, Jonathan
I do the same thing with a twist since I have to produce also. I get the newbies who do not formed
any bad habits and are not set on any methods. Show them the "new" (more productive) way of doing things
even if its just xref or paperspace. Then when we blow past the "vets" we sit back and smuggly
watch them explain why the new guy drafts faster!!!
I love the faces supers (old schoolers) make when we say.... "I already did that" !!!
It does make for grumbling but the real workers instantly come over and want to learn!

Have fun!!

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