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Survey data to CADD file database management?

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12-20-2000 11:39 PM
Survey data to CADD file database management?

I work for a Public Works dept and we are in need of some type of database
or other file management system to track the files as we download them from
our data collector and process them thru the software and Import into Land
Development Projects. We need to track the Survey Crew, Project Number,
Job/Survey Number & date, Survey Type, Control file used, Processed File
number, Operator & Date Processed, Name & Location of Drawing & Project
files data was imported into.

Does anyone else out there have something already setup, either manually or
in a Datbase like MS ACCESS?

Would appreciate any ideas you could give me.


Carroll Aasen Jr, Hwy Design Tech.
Carver County Public Works, MN.
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