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PDF makers - We use Bluebeam - What do you use?

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06-20-2011 08:54 AM

I work for an engineering firm that likes to use shading in a lot of our symbols.  A few years back we started using Bluebeam PDF Revu for most of our PDF making from Cad but the "Flattening" of the PDFs when printing has really annoyed some of our clients.  I know that its the shading thats causing the problems but I wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what PDF maker do you use?




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Re: PDF makers - We use Bluebeam - What do you use?

06-20-2011 10:11 AM in reply to: ken

"flattening" is because you either saved layers to the PDF, or you turned on LINE OVERWRITE, or both. Either creates what you ask the program to do, create layers for printed objects. These must be flattened (ask any Photoshop users about this annoying feature from Adobe) to print.


Do your clients really and truly need layer access? Then explain the issue. If not, turn it off. Same with LineMerge: 99% of clients do not ever care for or use either of those two features, only we AutoCAD users think they are important.


DWG to PDF.pC3 file to answer your question about which driver, best results if you are in 2010 and higher versions of AutoCAD.

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Re: PDF makers - We use Bluebeam - What do you use?

06-30-2011 03:38 PM in reply to: ken

Acroplot pro. I looked at bluebeam but found acroplot made smaller files.

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Re: PDF makers - We use Bluebeam - What do you use?

07-05-2011 05:24 AM in reply to: ken

PDF995 since I have it and it is set-up but 90% of the time it is DWG to PDF.pc3.

You can include/exclude Layer Information in the Publish Options dialog.

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