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*doug k
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Re: OT Windows Question

02-01-2007 11:30 AM in reply to: *Rick Lincoln
hard-learned lesson #2304:

make sure you blow the dust out of 'em before using for the first time in
two years.

that antique drive bay tends to behave like a cool air intake vent, and can
really hog up the works when you shove that dust-bunny right back into the
inner sanctum.

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monitoring spam.
"David Plotts" wrote in message
Every computer I build still has a floppy drive, they are around $10 and
only get used for this type of diagnostic work.

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Tried to create the reset disk. Got as far as trying to put a blank,
formatted floppy in my non-existent floppy disk drive.


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Re: OT Windows Question

02-02-2007 03:37 AM in reply to: *Rick Lincoln
No special qualifications needed - I guess most of us here have had to resort to hacking round problems as they occur with CAD - its something you end up quite good at - that and getting round blocks put in place by enthusiastic IT bods.
*Kate M
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Re: OT Windows Question

02-02-2007 07:01 AM in reply to: *Rick Lincoln
We just got an external USB floppy drive for the office for about $30. That
way people can go find it when they need it (once in a blue moon).

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I normally do to. I was on the "floppies are old technology" band wagon when
I bought it. I've been cussing the decision about once every two or three
months when I could use one. I suppose I could just install one.

I spec one in all my computers nowadays.

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