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Not seeing new messages via your newsreader?

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11-08-2000 04:47 PM
Not seeing new messages via your newsreader?

Some users may be experiencing difficulties downloading new
messages on the newsreader NNTP side of the Autodesk newsgroups.
If this is the case, your newsreader may require that the cached
messages and headers be deleted and redownloaded. Below are some
steps for popular newsreaders:

Outlook Express - If you are using MS Outlook Express,
right-click on the group name in the left pane and select
PROPERTIES, then the LOCAL FILE tab and select the RESET option.

Netscape - In Netscape clear your cache. When you go back to a
newsgroup, Netscape will ask you how many messages you want to
download. Unless you want them all, select about 500 which will
reload the newest messages.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Anne Brown
Manager, Moderator
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