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Re: KIP Plotters and Oce Potters ?

08-23-2011 08:55 AM in reply to: jimk

Oops, made a typo in there.


We are currently using a KIP 3000!

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Re: KIP Plotters and Oce Potters ?

09-23-2011 11:16 AM in reply to: David_Knight

We are using a KIP 5000.  The mechanical service for us has been excellent, so it must depend on local service.


It is tempermental (you lose your temper, then go mental) so you have to learn the subtle tricks.


Outstanding issue that drives us crazy is that the software engineers are very slow at keeping the drivers up to date when it comes to AutoCAD wipeouts and background masks.


One trick we learned for the KIP 5000 to get the masking to work was to use a previous version (6.5.80) of the desktop software when submitting the PLTs or converting the PLT files to PDFs (don't know why, but it works)


It does take a long time to warm up, and even longer to shut down and clear the memory.


It is fast at printing drawings, the desktop software is robust and easy to use (lots of cool features)

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Re: KIP Plotters and Oce Potters ?

10-14-2013 06:52 PM in reply to: jimk

I think OCE and KIP are both great machines but it really depend on what you're using them for.  I run a repro shop with both KIP and OCE.  I use my OCE, which we have had for a long time, for quick print jobs and where quality is not much of a pronblem.  We've had these for about 7 years but because we paid so much money for it we're not going to upgrade any time soon. The problem is that the technology around these machines grows faster than most shops can afford to change or keep current so although they do last you also make them last as you have to dig a lot deeper to replace one of these.


Alternatevly, i have the same number of KIPs and we run most large jobs on them, we have many KIPs with over 45 million square feet in  them and we will replace soon.  Becasue they're so much cheaper to buy we upgrade these every other year or every three years.  They have the most current drivers and they play great with windows and RIPs and like most newer things they are faster, have better quality and do things better all around.  We also have in house operators that are factory trained techs that can work on my machines.  We've had some problems with OCE on service but because you can only deal with OCE you feel a little trapped some times where as with KIP you always have choices in most large cities.  All issues resolved now but as a shop owner you have to think on worst case scenarios and not only on the equipment but on the service and your options if something is not working out.


Over all would I recomend one or the other? I would recomend both.  OCE if you can afford the hit every few years to keep up with your competition and KIP if you want something that does the same job and is a little easier on the pocket book.  None of these brands would be in business if you took the worst comments on these boards at face value.  Both OCE and KIP depend on repeat business and they have it.  Obviusly there's a market for both.

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Re: KIP Plotters and Oce Potters ?

10-24-2013 06:42 AM in reply to: jimk

We've used Oce's big boys (9800, TDS800, TDS860) for almost 15 years now. They are rock solid hardware beasts. Parts break on them due to wear and that's about it. We ran 6+ million sq. ft. through the last one, and we're working on 4 million sq. ft. on the current one. Service used to be rock solid but since Canon bought them, on-site response times have suffered some.


I would not recommend Oce's lightweight color inkjets (the last model we dealt with was a TCS500).

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