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Issues with converting DWGs to DGNs and plotting with Interplot

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10-21-2011 02:38 PM



I usually post in the ACAD2012 group when I have a question, but this seems like it would be the forte of CAD Managers rather than general users.


I have a project which has been completed using AutoCAD. The client wants all files converted to Microstation and to match all of their CAD standards. They utilize only Interplot for their plotting.


The situation is this. Our files are set up using paper space and model space. All references are in model space and then all linework is viewed through viewports to the title block in paper space. All construction notes, titleblock, etc... are in paper space.


When I convert to Microstation the file that is created has 2 "models", one of which is the AutoCAD model space and the other is the AutoCAD paper space.


I've been told by our prime that Interplot can not handle this for some reason. I've also been told by the client that their file system (Projectwise?) also can not handle this set up.


I am good with AutoCAD, poor with Microstation, and have zero experience with Interplot, so I have a couple of questions...


1. Why does a file having multiple models cause an issue with Interplot?

2. Is there a way to bypass this issue without changing how our files are set up?

3. If we have to get into changing our files, is there a quick, easy way in AutoCAD to convert the paper/model setup to a model-only setup?


Thanks for any feedback.

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Re: Issues with converting DWGs to DGNs and plotting with Interplot

10-28-2011 10:50 AM in reply to: chadmart

I can't address items 1 or 2 as I have even less experience with Microstation related issues.  However, regarding your third question, try the command "CHSPACE" (for Change Space) from paper space.  What it does is allows you to move something from paper space through a viewport into the model space area displayed by that viewport, scaling it relative to the viewport.  It also works the other direction - from model space to paper space.


Here's an example more specific to your application:  a floor plan is drawn in model space, which is then placed in a layout (sheet) with a titleblock on it and noted.  To get all the layout blocks & notes into model space: 1) select everything you want to move; 2) run CHSPACE; 3) When prompted select inside the viewport you want the titleblock to go into; 4) Hit return.  AutoCAD will scale it based on the viewport scale.  At this point you probably won't be able to see the titleblock if it's larger than the viewport, but just go to model space and voila! it should be there.


Disclaimer: this only works if you have one viewport and/or all the model space linework is the same scale and laid out in model space as on the sheet.  If you have multiple scales and viewports, there's a lot more work to do.

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Re: Issues with converting DWGs to DGNs and plotting with Interplot

01-07-2012 09:22 PM in reply to: CADiva

Cadiva's answer should work because when we get our DWGs from the Microstation using team member we get their xreferences and title frame in model space.


So the CHSPACE when used as explained by Cadiva  exactly mimics this.

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Re: Issues with converting DWGs to DGNs and plotting with Interplot

01-09-2012 05:14 AM in reply to: plesseym

I am constantly being told by Microstation users that the best way to get an AutoCAD file into Microstation is to use Microstation for the conversion, and not AutoCAD's DGNEXPORT "converter" or by just sending DWG files from AutoCAD without the CHSPACE changes noted above.


If you are contractually obligated to provide only Microstation drawings, consider adding the cost of that software and some training in your your contract pricing and do what is needed.



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