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How to use Client deployment using license manager

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06-07-2001 08:56 AM
Can anyone tell me where I can get help or info on using the license manager to do a client deployment? I want to be able to deploy several stand alone copies of AutoCAD with seperate serial numbers using the license manager to track the license I have used as well as use it for network seats, tracking concurent users. Does the licence manager do this? My IS department wants to be able to control who and what software (AutoCAD)people get and I want to provide a stadard setup (template)of AutoCAD for all users.
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Re: How to use Client deployment using license manager

06-20-2001 12:06 AM in reply to: sbraddo
First check the "ig"docs on the installation CD, there is pretty comprehensive information on the installation process there, print it out or read online (they are html formatted documents).

You need to run the setup file located in the netsetup folder on the CD not the one in the root of the CDrom. The one on the root installs a standalone version (you must have an authorization for each license), you run into problems when it comes time to authorize the software because if you purchased a network "pool" you only end up with one authorization for your server ID.

More importantly it sounds like you want to have standalone licensing with ADLM (Autodesk License Manager) functionality. I'm not aware of a way to do this. ADLM expects you to tell it how many licenses you have and then when your clients try to use an Autodesk product it tells them when they can't log on because there are no licenses (not very elegantly I might add). You can however restrict who can access the software by simply not installing it on a users machine. At better tool (so they say) called FlexLM is shipping with 2002 so hopefully the license handling will improve.

Be sure to talk with your vendor to help you get up and running. I'm sure folks will chime in on items I've "glossed" over.

Good luck,
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