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*Diaz, Terri
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Re: estimating hours for drafting work

10-26-1998 04:18 PM in reply to: *Ocampo, Samuel
I worked in an electromechanical prototype lab for about 5 years. We
estimated the following averages:

3 fabrication drawings per day
3 cable assemble drawings per day (we usually had a similar drawing to step
off from
2 schematics/wiring diagrams per day
2 subassembly drawings per day
1 assembly drawing two days

Considering the Drafting Section also served as System Management, this
estimate was pretty close, allowing for contingencies (computers down) and
ancillary work (such as researching part numbers for BOMs), design
corrections, plotting, file management, and document control.

I could crank out 5-6 fabrication drawings per day if no one bothered me.
But that was okay, because it usually gave me a cushion for the assembly
drawings. If you finished before the estimated completion date, you got
serious kudos.

The time was considerably shorter for the engineers using 3D for the design
process, or didn't try to dimension the drawings themselves.

I'm not really bad, I'm just drawn that way.

Samuel Ocampo wrote:
> Does anybody have a system set up to estimate hours required to finish
> various types of drawings (assemblies or details) using the various
> standard sheet sizes for mechanical drafting work?
> I used to work for a company that does work for NASA and they use this
> formula that takes into consideration the estimated density of the
> finished drawing and sheet size to come up with the hours needed to do
> the drafting work. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.
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