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*Hurley, Shaan
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eBeta Notice: AutoCAD 2000i Service Pack 2

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10-25-2000 09:26 PM

In a continuing effort to improve the quality and stability of AutoCAD
2000i, and AutoCAD LT 2000i, Autodesk will be releasing the second Service
Pack for beta testing. We believe that this update will improve our
customers' experience with AutoCAD. This Service Pack updates the English
versions of AutoCAD 2000i and AutoCAD LT 2000i with or without Service pack
1 installed. This Service Pack 2 also contains the Service Pack 1. This
should not be installed on other versions of AutoCAD or AutoCAD Desktop
applications. Other products and local language versions will be released in
the future.

Important Note:
Carefully consider that this is an unreleased beta product, is not fully
supported, and may contain software defects. The purpose for beta testing is
to find and report defects with the Service Pack so they can be fixed in the
final released version. As with any beta software always back up your data
and previous files, and exercise caution when in a production environment.
If you do not find these conditions acceptable, please wait for the final
released version of the Service Pack. Because there is no uninstall ability
for this Service Pack, you may need to uninstall and reinstall AutoCAD after
the beta is over.

The final release version will be available as a download and as a Live

AutoCAD 2000i Service Pack 2 Beta

Shaan Hurley
Autodesk Beta Programs
*Hogan, David
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Re: eBeta Notice: AutoCAD 2000i Service Pack 2

11-03-2000 07:53 AM in reply to: *Hurley, Shaan
What's in it?
*Hurley, Shaan
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11-03-2000 08:19 AM in reply to: *Hurley, Shaan

The enrollment page lists some of the details. The biggest I think
personally is the plot file size issue fix as well as other reported issues.


Shaan Hurley
Autodesk Beta Programs

"David Hogan" wrote in message
> What's in it?
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