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Design Suites Uninstall needs to be tweeked

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10-05-2012 06:46 AM

I am a reseller and I have a request from a client:

I would like to make a recommendation that I would LOVE to make its way back to Autodesk regarding the Building Design Suite. They've done a great job of setting it up with an install program that can install all the programs, or just the ones you choose. However, there is no way to uninstall building design suite without going to "programs and features" in the control panel and uninstalling each piece of BDS software 1 by 1. So, even if I create a deployment to install BDS to all my machines, I still have HOURS of housekeeping to go around to each machine and uninstall each piece of the previous version one by one.


They REALLY need to provide an uninstall program for BDS that would allow someone to "select all" and uninstall the whole suite in one process.


Thanks for any feedback.


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