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Can't create Building Design Suite 2012 deployment!

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06-09-2011 07:53 AM
Why? is the biggest question I have about the Building Design Suite 2012 deployment.

We just received all of these cool little thumb drives with all of these wonderful programs and I cant create the network deployment.

I am using Windows 7 64bit. I get an error "The copy functions cannot be used". The Autodesk knowledge base say "To resolve this issue, create the deployment from a machine running Windows XP Professional x64 or Windows XP 32 bit editions (Professional or Home)."

So I dig up an old training pc with Windows xp 32bit on it (no xp 64bits in sight) and try again.
NOPE. Now I get the error "The system cannot open the device or file specified".

Once again I go to the Autodesk knowledge base and they say "To resolve this issue, it is recommended that you create the deployment from a machine running Windows XP Professional x64."

WHY! do I need to go back two versions of windows operating systems to create a deployment?

Does anyone out there have a solution other than sneaker net to get the software out to the users?

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