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Re: CAiCE on a 64-Bit OS?

07-30-2012 12:53 PM in reply to: james.meredith

As you know Caice is no longer supported by Autodesk. However, Autodesk will provide authorization codes for licensed Caice installations. Our IT department uses the following installation system, which works, for installing Caice on a Win 7 x64 o/s. Not sure if you are able to download the previous versions noted below. We had done this before Caice support was dropped, you will have to try to download these files if you do not have them already.


Network versions of Caice will not install on Win 7 x64, you will have to install the standalone version:


# 1Installl 10.0 CAiCESP5FULL standalone installation

#2 Make sure you have a client ID and a proper serial number

-          You will need a 5 digit Client ID for the last validation step (validate.exe) and an 8 digit serial number to do the initial installation (setup.exe)

-          If you have a longer 10.1 serial number I am assuming Autodesk will provide you with a 10.0 serial number which has 8 alphanumeric digits

#3 Install the Program

-          First, there is a subfolder in the installation directory called SUPPORT\SENTINEL that has an old RainbowSentinel.exe driver install, rename this file so it doesn’t get used

-          Second, run the setup.exe (run as administrator), we do a full custom install

#4 Update the Service Packs

-          These are downloaded from the regular Autodesk site, you need four service packs for 10.0SP5 - 6A,7,8,8hotfix

-          Right-click each SP exe and select run as administrator otherwise it will fail

#5 Find the VALIDATE.EXE program in the SUPPORT\SENTINEL folder described above

-          Run the Validate program, record Machine Identifier, repeat for other computers

-          Email tech support (or create a support request) and send the client ID along with all machine identifiers

-          You should get back an email with a 20 –digit activation code for each computer

-          Run the Validate program again (very important to right-click and run as admin) and fill in the user name and company name and the 20-digit activation code

-          When you click OK it will tell you the process will take a minute and you should see a tiny activation window and then an error message that it couldn’t activate referencing CAiCE version 6, this is normal

-          Run CAiCE once as administrator to allow some registry settings to be created

-          Run CAiCE normally, it should work this time



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