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CAD Managers

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07-26-2002 02:34 AM in reply to: jooliver
Maybe this is a common phrase, but I just read it a few months ago: "Treat
your employees as your greatest asset and they will reward you by becoming
your greatest asset." I'd probably amend that to read "...and *most* of
them will reward you..." because some things just can't be fixed.

Most of us know that by publishing deadline - on a schedule that hangs on
the wall, in memos or emails, in meetings or 1-on-1 - you get no guarantee
that the deadline will be met. We also know that there are quite a number
of managers of *production* oriented departments that spend the bulk of
their time focused on non-production related tasks. Getting involved in
business planning meetings, on-site inspections, supervising installations,
preliminary project meeting - the list goes on and on - is not managing a
department. It all may be necessary, but does not get today's projects

As a manager of a production department, your primary foucus should be on -
surprise - production. Project planning, resource allocation and managing
personnel. On the personnel side, motivation is the key to productivity.
Your primary focus needs to be on finding out what will motivate each
individual that works for you (Contrary to popular belief, not everyone is
motivated by money.) - large corp or not - and implement that motivation.
Protecting the profit margin by ensuring the installers are doing their job,
or developing business plans for increased company growth cannot be a
manager's primary concern. A manager is in the unfortunate position of
having to please all of the people all of the time.

Spying, berating, threatening - all are the exact opposite of motivators.
Positive reinforcement furthers the common goal, negative reinforcement
furthers the goals of the individual.

Sorry for all the cliches...

"Nate" wrote in message
As soon as I would find or hear of anything or anyone (like cameras) spying
on me at work, (besides the web content sniffers, there are too many
perverts ruining the internet for the rest of us), my notice may come
shortly after. Thats why I live in the great US of A.
I suppose I do not bring it on myself or deserve it, as I tend to work while
Im at work.
I would have to agree with Wesley, If you cant trust the people that work
for you, how can you trust them to do good work for you anyway...
You catch them (edited) around.. warn-em.. catch them again... can-em..
Take care of your good employees and they will take care of you..
Are you the principal? Sounds like you may need a cad manager to crack the
whip while you are not there...

"jooliver" wrote in message
I have spoken with them on a number of occasions. And, I agree that "Spy"
programs is not the ideal way to go. I would hate to have the feeling I am
always being watched. Fortunately, I have a stronger work ethic than that
and never had to worry about it. I don't know if you work for a large
organization but, if you do you know the hoops you have to jump through to
get things done. I know that, and so do my employees.
*Hogan, David
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Re: Cad manager question

07-29-2002 02:28 AM in reply to: jooliver
Can you be more specific?

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there any add-ons or programs to download that will let me know what my
employee's are doing when I am out of the office
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07-30-2002 02:44 AM in reply to: jooliver
When I initially posted this message I had no intention at all of placing cameras around my office. i was simply looking for a program to track time in drawings, time on internet.......stuff like that.
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07-30-2002 06:06 AM in reply to: jooliver
But with a camera, you could actually watch them over internet! Instead of
"spying" call it a "client service" - clients log in and watch their
drawings getting done... Get a cellular modem, decent laptop, log in a
watch the fun from where ever you are. Then when you see one of your guys
sleeping, just call him and tell him to get back to work!

You could post the link to your web cam, and we could all watch. Put a
note on the site that says "If you see this guy sleeping, call this

"jooliver" wrote in message
> When I initially posted this message I had no intention at all of placing
cameras around my office. i was simply looking for a program to track time
in drawings, time on internet.......stuff like that.
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07-30-2002 06:06 AM in reply to: jooliver
That is too funny. I guess if I did that I would have to set up a different phone line for them. Wouldn't want the company lines to get bogged down when all of you call to wake them up :-)
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