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Re: CAD Manager Channel RSS Feed

05-24-2012 01:12 PM in reply to: pcchenard

I know this is very old, and I appologize for opeing it up again, but I was curious if the sharepoint feed were ever able to be used in the Autodesk Info Center.  I have a similar feed address as the original poster and would like to get it in Info Center or find another way to get the feeds in.



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Re: CAD Manager Channel RSS Feed

05-27-2012 08:26 AM in reply to: pcchenard

hi, im, mike and im very new to autodesk/ 3d / autocad. Im currently working on a car and im having hard time getting it togather. the reason why i got into 3ds max is because i want to build a replica and to get correct dimensions of the car i needed the 3ds max through which im suppose to cut the model in sections measure it edit it and send it to be cut to the real life sections that im going to need to start building my car, here is the video that ive been watching:


i have contacted the guy who made that video but he doesnt want to help me, so im open to anybody who would want to help me. as you see in the video he has put 1inch marks on the sections throughout the car to tell him how big each sections needs to be, ive tried every gizmo ive clicked on almost everything on the 3ds product just no luck. so please someone out there i need your help!!!

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