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Re: BricsCAD for Linux <- solution

10-17-2007 10:12 AM in reply to: Alian
Bricscad still does not have a com compatible LISP compiler (like Visual Lisp).
There are many reasons AutoCad is better than Bricscad.
The main problem is critical mass. You get enough people doing Bricscad, and the API's will catch up.

Antisthenes <>
|>this works for me 100% compatible to all my DWGs
|>complaing about MS and Autodesk is not going to change them, chaning what
|>you use might... but as you have stated these corporations ring their own
|>death knell because of the profit over all model.
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Re: Autodesk for Linux

11-28-2007 02:17 PM in reply to: Alian

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Re: Autodesk for Linux

11-28-2007 08:36 PM in reply to: Alian
Thanks for that pointer. I've tried this. BricksCAD v8 is perfectly AutoCAD 2008 DWG compatible. Never mind compatible, the 2007 DWG file format is its native format. The program itself looks so similar to AutoCAD that some of the users here didn't realize it wasn't until they found some commands not working. Those I've found not working in BricksCAD is:
1. Fields (can't create or edit them, they don't update either).
2. Dynamic Blocks - no such grips, parameters & actions available.

And that's it, the rest of the core AutoCAD commands function exactly the same in Bricks. It's even got a much more impressive xref manager / design center / styles editor combination. Even LISP & ARX add-ons work - strange that this does????? And for a program costing around $300 I can't see why anyone would want to pay an extra couple of thousand for the missing features. I'd definitely say to anyone wanting to buy LT - forget it, there's a better program for less.

They've even developed their own ADT-Like add-on, but that's a few extra thousand ... still just under a full AutoCAD 2008 license though.

However their Linux version is still at v6 (which only works for DWG up to 2005). This also required WINE to be installed. They've emailed me to say that they are in the process of porting the v8 natively into Linux XWindow system - no WINE or interpreters required, which means much better performance. This is scheduled to happen middle of next year.
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Re: Autodesk for Linux

02-28-2014 10:47 PM in reply to: Alian


Software of any kind is NEVER designed for ANY OPPERATING SYSTEM.


It is compiled from a high level language, to a machine level language and runs on a given processor.  For example x86, Arm, PowerPC, Spark** my personal favorite Open Cores.  There is any number of much much much better computing platforms that many people are unable to use just because winblows wont support them.


Importing precompiled library's does not make the sofware designed for a opperating system.  The high level code that those librarys are written in could easily be compiled for other processors.  They are just patent encumbered that is the problem.

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