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AutoCAD file converted to Microstation, why can't I get rid of the "0" layer?

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03-09-2012 11:31 AM

I have an AutoCAD file that I converted to Microstation. In that file are the two layers that AutoCAD can't live without, "Defpoints" and "0". When I convert I use the standards checker to move anything that might have been on those levels onto other levels. At this point I can compress the drawing. The "Defpoints" level goes away by the "0" level remains. In the level manager it doesn't have a dot under the "used" column. When I try to manually delete it, it states "Cannot delete Default Level". I know that Microstation doesn't require the "0" level like AutoCAD does because I have other drawings that do not have it that were created in Microstation. Any clues how to get rid of it? The client doesn't like these non-standard levels in the drawings.


P.S. I know that this is an AutoCAD forum and this is really a Microstation question, but I think it is relevent enough to still be asked here. Plus, I don't know any MS boards that are as good as this ACAD board. Thanks for any help!

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Re: AutoCAD file converted to Microstation, why can't I get rid of the "0&q

03-12-2012 05:55 AM in reply to: chadmart

At a guess, there are block definitions in the drawing that were created on the 0 layer.  so although no objects are on the layer, it's part of the block/cell definition.  damifino how to go about resolving that on the uStn side.

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