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Attribute into filed

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06-07-2012 02:44 PM

I’m looking for a way to get an attribute to populate a filed in a table. Using the field definition of Object>Attribute Definition>Value, won’t return the current value for some reason. I know I’m probably explaining this poorly, if you want to see the block in question please E-mail k.baxter at

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Re: Attribute into filed

06-07-2012 03:25 PM in reply to: mrwendal6

it appers my request is impossible ,

And said workaround is not suitable.


Any other way of getting a user inputed numerical value into a field?

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Re: Attribute into filed

06-08-2012 05:35 AM in reply to: mrwendal6

It can be done but requires some lisp to make it work. If you take a look at the actual text string that makes up the field info you can determine the parts that need to remain the same and string that together with the new info. If you are comfirtable with lisp I will see if I  an find the routine I use to use for notes.

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