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Admin Image relocation?

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07-07-2011 10:35 AM

I have 6 licenses of AutoCAD, 3 of which are a network license on 1 disc, so I have made deployments to a server that I has given access to and then installed AutoCAD to 3 different machines from the deployment. Now I am being told that the server is full and they want to move the AdminImage for my deployments.

My question is, is this possible to do without messing things up? or after the AdminImage is moved can I repoint the installations to the new location?

I really don't know that much about networks or network licenses, is the AdminImage similar to copying the contents of the AutoCAD disk to a hard drive and then installing it? Do the installations of AutoCAD depend on the AdminImage daily?


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Re: Admin Image relocation?

07-07-2011 11:24 AM in reply to: bakerdb

The clients do not depend on the admin image for anything except maybe a repair installation.  You can move the deployment and then change the computer and share path folders in the .ini file within the deployment folder.  That should get you by just fine.  I've moved deployments many times with success. 

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