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ACAD 2011 RSS Balloon Notification Not Working

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12-12-2012 05:54 PM

Good afternoon,

My first post on the forums here and whilst I have trawled throught the search results, I havent managed to find an answer to my problem yet.


Internally, we have a CAD Intranet, hosted on SharePoint 2010.  We have created an RSS feed page for informing the drafters of system and content changes.  The CAD PC's are configured to this page via a registry file generated by the CAD Manager Control Utility. 


In the past, with 2011, any update to the page has generated a notification balloon from InfoCenter.  After an Intranet sever change, and subsequent update to the registry location, we are no longer receiving balloon notifications.  They were working in the past.  Whilst we can see the new message after opening Communication Center, there is no notification balloon appearing to inform the users, which is what we are relying on.

Permissions etc appear to be ok for this page, so we have narrowed it down to AutoCAD being the problem. All of our users can see the notification in Comms Centre, but are not receiving the balloon.  In fact, I have subscribed to other RSS feeds via Info Center, with the same results - no balloon.

We have also confirmed that the Balloon Notification is switched on in Comms Centre, and verified this in the registry settings.  We are up to date with our service packs too.

Any further help would be appreciated.



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