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A little help!

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12-06-2000 10:04 PM
This isn't any direct help but you could enable auditing on the acad installation folder
to see what files are being accessed and in what order.

When you say hang do you mean that it gets to the splash screen and just stays there
forever??? Is there any type of error message???

From your description I would guess it to be a license retrieval problem, but I can't even
tell you why I think that. Try turning up logging on your adlm server and see if anything
shows up there.

sorry I'm not more help
jason martin

"Skip Diercks" wrote in message
> Hopefully, someone can help me with a little problem I am having. I am
> running AutoCAD 14.01 on WinNT with ADLM licensing. When I launch AutoCAD,
> the splash screen comes up and then the AutoCAD window opens. Sometimes it
> continues and works fine. On occasion, the application hangs prior to
> loading the menu and after the window opens. If the application hangs, I
> can launch another instance of AutoCAD and it may or may not work. Within 2
> attempts, I am up and running. For purposes of testing, I removed AutoCAD
> from the machine and any reference to AutoCAD from the registry. I then
> reinstalled in order to run from a clean, out of the box install. Same
> problem as described above. It is so erratic, it is making me crazy. The
> only thing I know is the approximate location of the hang. Does anyone know
> the order in which files are accessed, read and loaded during the launching
> of AutoCAD? Has anyone ever had a similar problem in the past? Can anyone
> help me out with this problem? Thank you for your time and effort in
> advance.
> --
> Skip Diercks
> Computer Support Specialist
> Wade-Trim, Inc.
> E-mail:
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