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Autodesk Buzzsaw 2011 with Buzzsaw Sync Now Available

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05-04-2010 04:20 PM
Buzzsaw 2011 is available to you and all members of your Buzzsaw site.

Autodesk Buzzsaw 2011 now includes the Buzzsaw Sync feature. This new functionality simplifies
how users exchange models and files with Autodesk Buzzsaw. With Buzzsaw Sync, users can:

• Automatically synchronize files from the desktop to the Buzzsaw cloud without interrupting users’ workflow
• Easily centralize multi-discipline models for importing into Autodesk Navisworks
• Leverage Buzzsaw permissions to securely synchronize, share and access information

Buzzsaw 2011 and Buzzsaw Sync can be downloaded here:

Buzzsaw 2011 (32 Bit and 64 Bit System):!/download/ProjectPoint-BZ-EN.exe
Buzzsaw Sync (32 Bit System):!/download/SetupBuzzsawSync-32bit-EN.exe
Buzzsaw Sync (64 Bit System):!/download/SetupBuzzsawSync-64bit-EN.exe
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Re: Autodesk Buzzsaw 2011 with Buzzsaw Sync Now Available

02-08-2011 01:09 PM in reply to: joan.allen



   I am trying the autosync and it works very well.  However, I have noticed that if a drawing contains a markup the markup version is not download only the base version.  Collaboration would be improved if the markup was available as well.




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Re: Autodesk Buzzsaw 2011 with Buzzsaw Sync Now Available

03-14-2011 12:28 PM in reply to: joan.allen

I agree with Steven,  the ability to view the markups would be of great benefit.





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Re: Autodesk Buzzsaw 2011 with Buzzsaw Sync Now Available

02-03-2012 04:54 AM in reply to: joan.allen

Is it possible to remove the path length limitation?


I use BuzzsawSync to download documents that are uploaded by customers and cannot change the folder/filename conventions.


I frequently get the error: "The local path is too long. The maximum path length for folders is 255 characters. The maximum path length for files is 259 characters"


I believe this limitation is not valid on a Windows (7) platform.



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Re: Autodesk Buzzsaw 2011 with Buzzsaw Sync Now Available

07-20-2012 12:55 PM in reply to: harriethijssen

Unfortunately this is a limitation of the Windows Operating system (including Windows 7). In the Windows API (with some exceptions), the maximum length for a path is 260 characters. A local path is structured in the following order: drive letter, colon, backslash, name components separated by backslashes, and a terminating null character. For example, the maximum path on drive D is "D:some 256-character path string<NULL>" where "<NULL>" represents the invisible terminating null character for the current system codepage. (The characters < > are used here for visual clarity and cannot be part of a valid path string.)


Certain names are reserved in the volume root directory and cannot be used for files. These are: $MFT, $MFTMirr, $LogFile, $Volume, $AttrDef, . (dot), $Bitmap, $Boot, $BadClus, $Secure, $Upcase, and $Extend;[3] . (dot) and $Extend are both directories; the others are files. The NT kernel limits full paths to 32,767 UTF-16 code words.


In the future Microsoft will be unveiling the ReFS file system to replace NTFS on Windows 8 Platforms.


ReFS, short for Resilient File System, will initially debut with Windows 8 Server, but is expected to make its way through to Windows 8 client system to support the full feature set of Storage Spaces, which will allow users to create storage pools from multiple physical and virtual storage devices.


According to Microsoft, ReFS will be an always-online file system "for the next decade or more" that is architected for "extreme scale" with large volume, file and directory sizes, as well as data verification and auto-correction via checksums while maintaining compatibility with a "wide subset of widely adopted" NTFS features.


ReFS will support a maximum size of 4 PB per storage pool path and file lengths of up to 32,000 (unicode) characters, up to 2^64 (18,446,744,100,000,000,000 or about 18 quintillion) directories in a storage volume, and up to 2^64 files in a single directory. ReFS also supports, in theory, to a maximum volume size of 2^78 bytes, as Windows stack addressing is limited to 2^64 bytes, which translates to 16,384 PB. The file size limit is 2^64-1 bytes.



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