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10-10-2003 04:14 AM
I sent this to support already, but this might be a more appropriate place.
Plus, maybe some other users can chime in with similar requests.

I've been using Buzzsaw for probably a year now, and I think it is a useful
product, but some features are frustratingly lacking or missing. Therefore,
with all due humility, I hereby submit my wish list:

1 - make more dialog boxes resizable

I can't resize the Working Folders dialog box, so I have a hard time reading
a large path in the Name and Work Folder columns.

2 - Browsing: use windows standard browsing.

Just like the AutoCAD open dialog. I want to be able to select my desktop
or a project folder from an icon in the Favorites list. Having to browse
all the way through a directory structure is so DOS.

3 - It would be nice if Working Folders were somehow more "intellegent". If
I could change the default
remote path>", I'd be a happy user.

4 - It's difficult to get personal info for a user. A lot of times I want
to use my native email client to send an email to another user, rather than
using Buzzsaw's email system. First I go to look up Joe Smith's email on
Buzzsaw. I click on the Member List toolbar button. At this point, I'd
expect the member's email to appear in the list, but it doesn't. So I
double click on the user and the Member Info dialog comes up. Now, notice
that it comes up on the "General" Tab. This is useless to everybody but the
Administrator and the user himself. The default should be the "Contact"
Tab. Now I can see his email address. BUT I CAN'T SELECT IT. I want to
select it and copy it to my clipboard (preferably with Ctrl+C; I've noticed
that doesn't work in some areas of Buzzsaw). But I have to just look at it
and type it in manually in my email client. This is so contrary to what
users have come to expect from computers, it is ridiculous.

5 - More about selectable info: General Tab

When I highlight a file and the General Tab pops up, I'd like to be able to
select any of that info (esp. the filename) and copy it.

6 - More about working folders: download entire folders.

If I highlight a single folder, and select download, then go to set the
Working Folders, I should only have to set the working folder for the folder
I selected, not its contents (although I can see how that option would be
useful). I just downloaded a folder today, set the working folder for the
folder and the contained files to be "C:\TEMP". I expected the contents to
remain inside the original folder, but they ended up in "C:\TEMP". I
realize that there are ways around this (like selecting the folder, hitting
Ctrl+C, and pasting it into a local folder), but what if I want to download
multiple folders at once and send them to different working directories?

7 - Limit Notice
Maybe the "Your Site has Exceeded it's limit" notice should only be seen by
the Administrator, or by his company members. Unless you want to embarass
them. :smileywink:

*Sheppard, Scott
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Re: wish list

10-10-2003 05:34 AM in reply to: *Jason
When a site is over its limit (for real), no one can upload. People need to
know that whether they are an admin or not.

"Jason" wrote in message
> 7 - Limit Notice
> Maybe the "Your Site has Exceeded it's limit" notice should only be seen
> the Administrator, or by his company members. Unless you want to embarass
> them. :smileywink:
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Re: wish list

11-28-2004 06:40 AM in reply to: *Jason
How long have you been using Buzzsaw Developer? Large shop or small team environment?
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