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Connection timed out

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01-14-2009 12:49 PM
Does anyone know what could be the cause of this?

I’m trying to write a procedure that reads from a collection of drawing names and then copies them to a destination folder. The VBA code below does exactly what I want except for every once in a while the procedure stops running in mid flight as if the connection between Buzzsaw and my project was terminated. This problem is intermitted.

Public Sub MyBuzzProject()

Dim MainDwgFlder As String
Dim FileColl As PPResourceCollection
Dim DwgColl As New Collection
Dim PPsess As New PPSession
Dim BuzzFlder As PPFOLDER
Dim Item As Variant
Dim res As IPPResource

Set DwgColl = Nothing
Set PPsess = Nothing
Set FileColl = Nothing

Dim i As Integer

i = 1

'my test drawing collection
DwgColl.Add ("TEST1.dwg")
DwgColl.Add ("TEST3.dwg")
DwgColl.Add ("TEST5.dwg")
DwgColl.Add ("TEST2.dwg")
DwgColl.Add ("TEST4.dwg")

Set PPsess = New PPSession
PPsess.LogIn "User Name", "Password", ""
MainDwgFlder = "/Test/cad"

'This is the main drawings folder
Set BuzzFlder = PPsess.GetResource(MainDwgFlder)
Set FileColl = BuzzFlder.Files

For i = 1 To DwgColl.Count

'iterate through the dwgs in the main Drawings folder
For Each Item In FileColl
Set res = Item

If res.Name = DwgColl.Item(i) Then

PPsess.Copy res, "Test/destFolder/" & Trim(res.Name)

Exit For

End If


Next i

Set DwgColl = Nothing
Set PPsess = Nothing

End Sub

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Re: Connection timed out

01-20-2009 02:36 AM in reply to: Eddie68
I had the same issue, it was uploading one drawing and failing on the next. Eventually pulled the "set res = item" out from the code and it seemed to resolve the issue.
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