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Custom Elevation Markers

by exactdraft on ‎04-16-2014 08:28 AM

for architecture: have a link that allows you to put elevation markers on a elevation drawing that link with the prevoius marker so that we dont have to manually calculate the elevations as you go up or down the elevation drawing

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Now when Vasari has not been opgraderet to a version 2015 the smooth and needed workflow to Revit do not work anymore. I have liked the simplicity within Vasari until Revit 2015 appeared. Vasari is a good tool for new simulation users. This is not the case anymore, unfortunately. New users have a hard time to understand why it is not possible to go back and forward between Vasari and Revit 2015. So do I!

I have seen in serveral presentations from autodesk that they have Solar Radaition within Revit - why is this not released to the public. I though things should be easy for the users and not the opposite. As it is at the moment you have to develop complicated workarounds or tell students that they can not do it.


So please Autodesk put the simulations from Vasari into Revit 2015. And please bring back the Planar Solar Radiation plot like the wind rose back as well!!

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by Active Contributor aarifmalik on ‎07-26-2014 10:33 PM

hi autodesk i am a student n i love ur software n i try to teach other poor engineering student who couldnt afford much fee to go an institue to learn cad, so i decided to open a autocad centre where i will provide free training to all poor students so can u plz tell me can i teach them with using student version with which i am learning or i have to buy this software? i cant buy this software commerically becoz i am an student too..

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