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What else can read SKF?

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08-14-2011 01:47 PM

I have some old SKF files I made when I was remodeling parts of the house.  Now I want to use them again, but that was two computer upgrades ago, and I no longer run XP.  I see by the specs on the new version that Windows 7 is not in the list.  It's also become kind of pricey for the occasional home improvement use.  Is there any other software that can read these files?  Actually if I can just print the layers, so I don't have to re-measure everything and trace all the wiring again it would be great.


I could also run it in the XP-mode virtual machine but I can't see to find the original download anymore either.  I still have the serial and key.  Can you download the old versions?


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Re: What else can read SKF?

01-03-2012 05:58 PM in reply to: austijc

Yes buy a copy of V9, it runs a treat on V7 of windows and it will read all your old files and is available at a much lower price


I have it on 5 systems (all legit copies) and I bought it for as low as $40 at different occaisions.


At price I bought individual copies for clients so they could read the skf files, not one of them edits only read, layer and zoom as this required multiple PDF copies to achieve the same result.


Not yet upgraded to V10 as my useage has slowed down significantly, I plan to in the near future as soon as I figure what it achieves for me to justify the investment.


Kevin H

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Re: What else can read SKF?

02-22-2012 10:28 AM in reply to: Kevin.Hutch

I had AS2 and loved it.  Now, it would not load into Window 7 and so, I have to upgrade to AS9.  Let me tell you, AS9 sucks big time.  It is a lot more dificult to use and thus far I have not yet seen anything that I can consider an improvement over AS2.   The manual for AS9 is also pathetic.  It barely scratch the surface.  I still cannot figure out how to draw in ortho mode...!  and the **** manual has nothing about Ortho mode at all.


Does anyone know where I can get a better manual or user guides for AS9 ??

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