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trouble converting skf to dwg or dfx

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03-23-2011 05:36 PM

I just made several SKF drawings in Autosketch 9

I created an overlay(layer) as a background to draw on.  It was from a PDF of an autocad drawing.

When I saved as dwg, or dxf and re-open it . The layer with the overlay shows up in the layer list, but is not visible

our company logo was in the title block and also disappeared.

I opened it with a DWG true view 2 and this info to check and it was the same . 

Layer not visible and logo gone, as well as other subtle changes.

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Re: trouble converting skf to dwg or dfx

05-16-2011 09:52 AM in reply to: s4oaks

I'm having all sorts of problems too trying to save Sketch 9 files to any of the available .dxf or .dwg formats. 


For some reason, many of the Sketch settings are not transferred during the conversion process. In my case, I can't seem to retain my dimension settings in feet.  Line widths, styles and other lesser data are lost as well. I'm not sure what good it is to be able to work on other file types if the settings and modifications aren't retained?


I've posted elsewhere asking whether or not these issues are addressed in Sketch 10?


Hope you get an answer to this. So far, I have not.



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Re: trouble converting skf to dwg or dfx

06-15-2011 07:17 AM in reply to: s4oaks

Hi, I am new to AutoSketch and I am using Autosketch 10. I am having the same problem you are having with 9.  Although it just appears to be the line weight, and my borders that are messed up. Fonts and dimensions seem to be fine as well as the content. 

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