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Start up problems

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12-03-2011 09:19 AM

Could anyone please help so i can save my laptop from being thrown out of the window. i bought a genuine version of Autosketch V9 and installed it on my laptop which is running Windows 7 the program installs ok but when i try and start the program all i get is "Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point ?addLinksG1Continuity@AcGeImpCompositeCurve3d@@QAEXN@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library AcGe16.dll." i have looked at forums on the net and tried what they have said to do but nothing changes. I do have limited knowledge on system files so if you can help it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers all


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Re: Start up problems

12-12-2011 02:05 AM in reply to: Huggytrees

Sketch 10 was made to run on Win7, I'm curious why you bought an old version?

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Re: Start up problems

12-12-2011 03:48 AM in reply to: StevenMac

Cost reallt, I used to have a old vertion of skech and found it to be very user friendly and wanted to update as the older one stoppped working years ago but did not want to spend hunderds of £'s on the new version. I bought this genuine version from Amazone. I did look at this forum to find out if there were problems with Sketch 9 and windows 7 and found there were a few teething one but didnt expect this!


Is there an answer to this problem or have i just wasted my cash?





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Re: Start up problems

01-02-2012 08:42 AM in reply to: Huggytrees

I run AS9 on several Windows machines with few or no problems.   So there is no inherent conflict. 


Microsoft OS's come with so much locked up crap that it makes it so that the can't do useful work.  Then after about 4 years people find out how to circumvent / take off all of that crap in order to do useful work.  And after 5 years they obsolete it.   So the good news is that with Microsoft you will get about 1 year out every 5 years that your OS is both   usable  and current.  That's better than zero.    :-) 


A few things to try.  To do any useful work with Win 7, you need to have  "adminstrator"  privelages; make sure you have those. Make an icon to launch AS9 with proerties set to "run as administrator" .   Open AS9 and then open a .skf file (rather than double clicking on the .skf file) 

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Re: Start up problems

07-11-2012 06:39 PM in reply to: Huggytrees

I have two computers one desktop and one laptop both running W7


On the desktop I double click on a file and Autosketch starts yet the same action on the laptop does not start requiring me to start Autoketch the open the file.  Marvelous Microsoft anomalies.

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