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Problems with the Fill Option

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10-24-2011 05:08 AM

I am using the Fill Hatch command to fill a circle and changing that into a solid fill using entities.  My problem is that the solid fill is overlapping the line I used to draw the object.  Is there a way to fill the object and have the line on the edge show?  Thanks in advance for any advice.


I linked the picture, and it doesn't have a clear line.  If I intensify the line around the fill, you can see the results on the right.  I just want to see a clear border on the object.

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Re: Problems with the Fill Option

10-31-2011 02:24 AM in reply to: LineDrawer

There's a toolbar called "arrange", which has a button for "move to front" and "move to back".


After a while sketch will begin to forget what's supposed to be where, then you'll need to practice this method:


-> Click either the outline object or the fill object to highlight it

-> go to the layers dropdown bar and re-click the layer it's sitting on

-> use the arrange buttons to confirm where this shape should sit

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