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10-05-2002 09:55 AM in reply to: fgruber
>[...] Therefore I think the only one, who
> should get 10 $ (or 10 Euro) is me, due to that hard working ...

BWAHHHhahahah! Good one!

Agreed, just give us all your credit card number and we'll post the
money to your account.

And have a peek at those Transform tools. I'll send you a little file
you should be able to open in V7/V8. In it there's a little exercise to
move a bit of something around in a drawing in raltionship to other
bits. And I would try to get Paul Jackson's book, "Hands On A House" in
which he details all the common moves you need to regular work.

You can find it on his site, On the right
side, in the middle, in the book. Worth it.

*Baum, John
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10-27-2002 03:22 AM in reply to: fgruber
I have been 'learning by doing' in AS 6.0 since I purchased it. Yes, I
regularly create a subdrawing elsewhere on the screen (or if it is complex,
in another, similar window. (I just use 'Save-As' and create a 'scratch pad'
with all the other parameters 'equal' to the project drawing.) When it is
finished, I right-click it and 'group' it. It is still selected, so I hit
(to copy) and then (to paste), move close on the project
drawing to where I want it placed and left-click and a selected copy of the
entity is now close to where it needs to be. With a scroll mouse, I blow up
the magnification to a level sufficient to locate the entity with respect to
everything else and drag and drop it in position (close enough for clean
printing, etc.) Perhaps this is just an alternative description of what you
suggest, but it minimizes the distraction of using dropdown menus and
finding the proper item.


Harvey wrote:

> Here's the thing, Ferdinand. You can just start drawing you entities
> anywhere on the page. Untick the Page box in View>Appearance and then
> the entire screen is always filled with the "paper."
> Now what you do is create any entitiy and move it into position IN
> RELATION TO WHAT IS THERE ALREADY! That's the trick. And it's why you
> should take a few minutes to see what those Tranform tools do. Ask away
> here for any details you need.
> You can stand this program on its head with those guys. And it's so easy
> to do that in a few days you'll wonder why no one told you before this!
> That'll be $10, please. Just forward your credit card numbers.
> fgruber wrote:
> >
> > When I move or copy an object using the mouse, the object is not
> > snapped by the grid. I see the reason of that: The reference point
> > (the mouse cross) is somewhere in the middle of the object, a position
> > that may be between grid points. This point is snapped by the grid and
> > not the endpoints of the lines of the original object I want to move.
> >
> > I hate this behaviour of Autosketch 7. In Autosketch 2.0 it was easy
> > to move objects in the grid using the mouse. The only solution I
> > found, is to copy objects over the clipboard, but that is not
> > comfortable.
> > Can anyone give me a tip?
> >
> > Ferdinand Gruber
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