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Newbie needs help

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04-06-2010 10:57 AM
New to Autosketch 9 and would like to import a pdf file (a dwg) into Autosketch.
In fact, how do I import any variety file into Autosketch?

Can somebody help?

Thanks, John
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Re: Newbie needs help

04-12-2010 03:58 PM in reply to: jqcf1
I too have found a need for this, but alas so far only found a long way round.

1. Open the PDF drawing or photo select the required area ctrl C to copy.

2. Paste it (ctrl V) to a file opened in a graphics package "Paint" or "GIMP 2".

3. Crop and/or modify as required.

4. Save the file as a GIF file (I have found GIF the most effective for line drawings).

5. Open Autosketch and insert drawing as a separate layer.

6. Lock the layer and on another layer trace the outline or add the required additions.

If it is a complex original and sections are not required I "block out" with a white rectangle.

Kevin H
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Re: Newbie needs help

09-09-2010 08:04 AM in reply to: jqcf1



the file formats are incompatible, ,   like opening a word document in photoshop,


for years, i have been using scanvector,  I scan the drawing, (a raster image) and save as needed, and then open the file in SV an exportas a VECTOR/ dxf.  Open drawing program an insert into or  as I have had to do more often than not, open the dxf file an do a little "clean up", then save it and re-open / import to main drawing.

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