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Re: Help shape the future of AutoSketch!

04-25-2014 07:51 AM in reply to: landis747
Version 10 is simple and easy to use
If having probs use the help menu ..
happy to help out with some tricks ..
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Re: Help shape the future of AutoSketch!

04-25-2014 07:57 AM in reply to: landis747

I use Auto Sketch 10 and it works fine on Windows 7

Its so easy to use and

Really does leave auto CAD for dead in the printing arena.

If you want different scale dwgs just do on different sheet

Or just adj dims manually and leavea scaled copy off to one side .

User for over 15 yrs now

Also another great program is Sketch up pro still free for the basic program
by Google.

I love it another simple to use program.

You pay what 1800 fro LT AutoCAD and about 350 for Autosketch 10 mmm

Crazy .. easy choice

Politically correct title is draftsperson

Kind regards


Senior Architectural / Structural draftperson / Estimator

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Re: Help shape the future of AutoSketch!

04-25-2014 01:04 PM in reply to: 344-78989006
Hi Danielle,

I agree with you on the ease of use. I used the program from the beginning,
when it was called Drafix and before it was sold to AutoCAD. I teach
lighting design at a college and have used it for years to teach students
the basics of CAD. Simple and effective for basic drafting needs.

However, I have had to purchase and learn Vectorworks as most of the
entertainment industry (lighting anyway) has gone that direction. I bought
the Educational version of AutoCAD LT just so I could translate dwg files
that were newer than 2007, but it is hateful! I just wish that Autodesk
would support the program. I ran it on Win 7 for a while but it started
acting up (not able to save files) so I now run it in XP when I need it. But
now I'm Vectorworks (though it takes much longer to do a drawing in VWX than
in AutoSketch).

I hope it comes back though. Hard to encourage new graduates to buy a
program that will cost them $2500 when they could do what they need for a
10th of the price!

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