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Re: Convert legacy V2.1 SKD files to DWG

02-05-2013 02:19 PM in reply to: Garry_Lelliott

We have several thousand old sketch files at work spanning a decade. It wasn't until I started working there in 2009 that they upgraded to 10 at my insistance.


You have my empathy!

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Re: Convert legacy V2.1 SKD files to DWG

09-04-2013 08:26 AM in reply to: Garry_Lelliott

Our company is also looking for a way to convert these files.  We have old SKD & SKF files that need to be converted to DWG.  It was during the process of converting everyone over to Windows 7 that we discovered this issue.  Same as Gary, we discover this here and there, but we do not currently have an easy way to get to all of these files at once.  I had also suggested that we bring in interns or co-ops to convert all of these files, but this is not currently in our budget, and we don't feel that we should have to go to such great expensive and time consuming lengths to use these files.


This seems to be something that AutoDesk should work on.  In most programs (Windows, Microsoft, AutoCAD), there is no issue with opening old files using new software.  Why is this so special?  It makes us very reluctant to use other AutoDesk programs, knowing that in a few years there is a possibility that we will not be able to access our old files.  Any help that we can get would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Convert legacy V2.1 SKD files to DWG

09-04-2013 05:11 PM in reply to: Garry_Lelliott
Autosketch was never a universal format: why did you all commit no resources at the time to saving your files in more universal formats?
Even back in the day both DWG and DXF were universal, as were TIFF and PDF. I am completely sympathetic with your plight but your company walked into that one with both eyes open. Hindsight is a painful reality.

Like you all, Autodesk has also chosen not to dedicate resources for a conversion tool to serve a vocal but small minority. Both your company and Autodesk are caught up in the same quandary. I do believe you know the only true solution is what you outlined. Best wishes on your endeavors.
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Re: Convert legacy V2.1 SKD files to DWG

09-06-2013 04:10 AM in reply to: Garry_Lelliott

I have done the conversion on my Autosketch 9. By opening 9 and searching in 2.1 WSKETCH2 you can open the SKD drawing and then save it as a DWG using Autosketch 9. For some reason You have to change some print setup orders in 9 so the drawing will print out correctly.


You or another computer junkie may figure out how to manipulate the converted drawing so the print command doesn't drive you crazy, maybe a hot key function, but anyway, it does convert SKD to DWG.


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