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Autosketch 9, adjusting Page position for printing portion of drawing

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05-03-2014 07:47 AM

Way back when, I could simply create or move a "sheet" to the area of the drawing I wanted to print.  I have not found a way to duplicate this functionality in V9.  I would appreciate any input.


I am working with large surveys of which I am printing small areas, so often, the "Page" becomes a tiny bbox far away from the area of the drawing I wish to print.  I have tried the following methods:


1) Print "Current View" "Scaled" -  This selects the entire viewing window, which is wide format and always more than what I want in the drawing.  Therefore it spreads the drawing across multiple tiled pages which never break where I want them to.


2) Move the drawing origin - I have tried all the methods (by mouse, by cooridinate, by centering, etc) but neither the drawing origin or the page seem to go where I'm telling them to go.  I finally figured out that I need to move the origin in the opposite direction as would be intuitive, and divide the distance moved by the scale of the desired output.  For example, if printing in 1"=30', and I desire to move the page over 360' to the right on the drawing, I need to set the origin at -1',0 (one foot for each 360' in the opposite direction).  If I want to print another portion of the drawing at the same or a different scale, I have to recalculate and move it again.  Crazy, right?


3) Move the entire drawing to put it on the page - This is trouble because it seems to leave behind stray entities sometimes due to grouping and turned off/locked layers.  Then I have to move it back after printing because I need the drawing to stay on the original coordinate system.


There has got to be a better way!



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