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AutoSketch 2.1 on Windows XP

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06-18-2007 01:08 AM
I was working on some drawings when all of a sudden the program crashed with an error message something along the lines of "Fatal Error never was called It shouldn't have been you've encountered an Internal AutoSketch error"
That isn't exactly the message but just what i can remember. I lost days of work and cant get it back. Can anyone shed some light on this problem, can i get my work back?
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Re: AutoSketch 2.1 on Windows XP

06-18-2007 10:07 AM in reply to: access123
Hi , I am having similar problems with my AS2.1 running on windows XP. It used to work fine, now everything sems to be going wrong. I also get the "rotate crash". Have you found any solution yet? regards
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Re: AutoSketch 2.1 on Windows XP

10-03-2007 06:47 AM in reply to: access123
AutoSketch 2.1 runs OK on XP with 1280x1024 resolution.

At higher resolutions the rotate, stretch functions etc crash the program (I'm not certain at what size it starts causing the problem) .

There are a couple of work-around's.

1. Reduce the screen resolution. This doesn't work too well if you've got a large LCD screen as they work best on their natural resolution
2. Work in a non-maximised window that is around 1280x1024 large. You can keep enlarging the working area until the problem starts. When you open again after crashing it will be at the resolution when it worked last. I know it seems a waste of a large screen but this is probably the best method for most.

I think it is an AutoSketch problem and not a graphics card/driver problem as the resolution/rotate problem exist on both my desktop (ATI graphics) and my laptop (Intel graphics)

Hope this helps

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Re: AutoSketch 2.1 on Windows XP

12-10-2007 06:54 AM in reply to: access123
The problem is not AS 2.1 and XP. AS 2.1 works verry well under XP - without any problem - and on wide screen too. The only problem is, if you install AS 5 or higher may be for test, you have destroyed your AS 2.1 for ever - or you install XP on a clear PC. The higher AS versions overwrite something in Windows XP. From this moment AS 2.1 crashes for example while rotating or stretching.

It is also true that problem causes only with higher resolutions - so if you can work with lower resolution or with flat circles on a wide screen, you can get back your work.

It would be nice if someone would find the DLL or what else, which has been changed during the installation of a higher version of AS.
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Re: AutoSketch 2.1 on Windows XP

11-17-2013 03:11 AM in reply to: Theorie

I have been using Autosketch 2.1 with Windows XP satisfactorily, but recent maintenance to the computer caused the Autosketch program files to be deleted. Trying to re-instal Autosketch from the original CD or floppies has not worked. Can anyone suggest what I should do, please? Many thanks.

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