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Autosketch 10 OS WIN 7 Problem : Layers

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11-21-2011 09:37 AM

I use WIN 7 and Autosketch 10; When 1 create a drawing in Layer 1 and want to add a layer I do not get it. I want Layer 1 to be yelow and the drawing on layer 2 in black ( as usual). The 2nd layer can be added , but layer 1 does not get yellow ( or other coulor ( does not matter; everything without black)) In Win XP with AS 10 everything was o.k.

Has someone else faced this problem ? How did you solve it? Please advise, if possible



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Re: Autosketch 10 OS WIN 7 Problem : Layers

11-28-2011 01:25 AM in reply to: Loecken

Not quite sure what you mean there Leo.


Do you have "By Layer" selected in that drop-down box I've circled in red?

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Re: Autosketch 10 OS WIN 7 Problem : Layers

12-02-2011 01:46 PM in reply to: Loecken

Hi Steven,

thanks for ysour reply. The problem is quite easy. let me explain:

1) you open a new virgin drawing sheet. ( layer 1 ! ; no layer added yet)

2) you draw somthing ( lets say a grid) and !! you draw it in black ( black lines)

3) now you add a layer ( layer 2)

4) you lock now layer 1 ( impossible to make changes to this layer) and, you want eyerything that has been drawn on layer on to appear in ( lets say) yellow. ( or every other possible color without black) You can set this all under "Extras" --> Graphic options (wordly traslated from German) I dont know the engl. expressions)

5) with this, you can draw now on layer 2 and have layer1 as a basic grid. and have allways a good orientation.

This is very helpfull when you make layouts of electronic boards. Layer 1 is the grid of your pinnings ( normally a 2,54 mm grid--> 0,1 inch) and on layer 2 you arrange your components ( IC's, R, C, name it, we have it.)

This is only for hobby purposes, I know that there a prof. SW's but, they cost a hell of money.


So, but my problem seems to be solved meanwhile. I had copied the grid from a OS XP laptop to my OS WIN7 PC.

I redeseigned layer 1 in the OS WIN7 System and everythings works as it has to do.

Altough I write from Germany, I hope you understand now what I meant.


Thank you again for your help !

bet regards



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