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AS9 export to DXF/DWG loses grouping of basic graphics into dimensions?

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03-05-2014 07:44 AM
I need to move floor plans I created with AS9 under Windows to a Mac. I saved a floor plan in AS to a DXF file and opened it with a Mac CAD program. It looked just right but, when I tried to select a dimension, the Mac program selected the line, arrowhead or text that was part of the dimension rather than the entire dimension. It didn't seem to know the basic graphics were grouped into dimensions. I thought the Mac program just didn't know how to import DXF files property so I tried two other Mac CAD programs. They both did the same thing. I went back and opened the DXF file with AS. It also had lost the grouping of basic graphics into dimensions. So then I started a new drawing in AS with a single line and a single dimension to experiment with. I saved the file in all the DXF and DWG formats available in AS. When I opened them in AS, they all behaved the same - all the dimension graphic elements were there but AS didn't know they were part of a dimension. Looking in the DXF files with a text editor, I don't see any mention of dimension Blocks or Entities. So then I created the same one-line-plus-dimension drawing with one of the Mac programs, exported it to a DXF file and then opened it with AS. AS would let me select the dimension. That is, AS knows how elements are grouped into dimensions in DXF files but it didn't group them in the drawings I exported. Have any of you been able to export drawings from AS to another graphics program and retain the grouping of elements into dimensions? Can you suggest what I'm doing wrong?
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