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Plotter Manager

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09-04-2001 11:57 PM
I am working on setting up ADT to be implemented within our office and I wanted to get some input on the best way to manage the plotter manager and plot styles files that we need to have. We have 3 plotters and 8 draftsmen that will be using ADT. I have set up a .pc3 file for a Network Plotter Server for one of our plotters.

Can I store those .PC3 files on a network drive so that we are always accessing the same file rather than have 8 versions of that .pc3 file? Any general input on plotting issues from anyone managing several users would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I am getting a problem where when I plot my drawings, it cuts off part of my title block, although, it appears correct in the full preview??

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Re: Plotter Manager

09-05-2001 12:07 AM in reply to: danwhet
Dan, Yes you can store all of your plotting files on a server. I'm managing about the same number of people and it has worked fine. As for the second question you have I don't know. Have you checked the printable size of the paper?

I've got a question for you. Do you know anything about Batch plotting? See my post " Had enough of Batch Plot".
Hope I answered part of your question. Scott
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Re: Plotter Manager

09-05-2001 12:58 AM in reply to: danwhet
You determine the location where you store the .pc3 files in the Tools
menu -> Options -> Files tab -> Printer support path.

The way I handle this issue is by duplicating the default folders on the
server, i.e., a Plotting folder with a DRV, Plot Styles, and Plotters
subfolder. I also pointed all of our workstations to a common Content
folder on the server so that updates to MVblocks, tags, etc. would all stay
in one location.


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Re: Plotter Manager

09-05-2001 02:57 AM in reply to: danwhet
Storing the pc3 and ctb on the server are key. You should also try and set up some standards for the ctb's especially the color graphic ones, otherwise you end up with about a thousand ctb's that everybody makes, uses once, and then ignores. As far as your paper looking good, and then getting cut off, I have dealt with that in my office. If you have a plotter with an option similar to "plot inked area" you should play with that. Adesk will not over write the plotter margin settings in plotter. the reason they are there is so the plotter has something to hold on to. I spent 3 days changing plotter margins in the pc3 file before I realized what was going on. Inked area will push a drawing a certain distance past the last visible object, and then trim it depending on the plotters margins. Nodes work great, but they must be on a plotting layer. The reason your sheet is cutting of is probably from your plotters definition of a sheet size. I hope some of that was clear for you.
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