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*Orr, Gary J.
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Disappearing wall hatches

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09-25-2001 01:26 AM
Okay, so here's the setup.
-MaxHatch environment setting is at max.
-I have 1,178 megs of ram (yes 1.2 gig).
-I have a 2 gig partition dedicated to virtual memory.
-I am running windows NT 4.0 with the latest service packs
-I am using ADT 3.3
Okay, so here's the problem.
I create an ADT drawing from scratch. I add walls, doors, etc. everything
seems fine... until I do ANY command in which ALL of the walls need to be
regenerated at the same time (for example opening the drawing after saving
and closing, after a full preview while plotting, or any of half a dozen
If the COMBINED TOTAL of ALL of the hatches in ALL of the walls reaches the
MaxHatch setting, then NONE of them will show the hatches for a specific
component. What's worse is that once it happens I can't get them to
redisplay. Not even after deleting everything in a drawing and leaving only
a single wall and cutting it down to 10' in length!!!
Yes I have checked the display properties of the individual walls at the
entity level, I have rechecked at the style level to determine if the style
had gotten rewritten somehow (although we're talking about two different
styles in this particular case). And even checked at the System level (even
though the styles override the system level).
Yes I also checked the layers and ensured that they were turned on and done
an objrelupdate on them after all other steps (each and every time).
I have solved the original problem, but am now faced with another...
It wasn't the MaxHatch or anything to do with it... It was my custom hatch
patterns. I was saving the file to a temporary folder. The same folder that
I used to back up my old ACAD.PAT file. As this old file did not have the
custom hatch patterns included in it, ADT couldn't find the specified
patterns and therefore created nothing for those materials. Any command that
forced an entity regen AFTER having saved the file (and therefore setting
the environment path) would "Remove" the pattern from that(those) walls.
The new problem is this...
If, using "vanilla" AutoCAD, I hatched an entity using the hatch or bhatch
command then that entity would still be hatched if I sent it to a consultant
(even though they didn't have the *.PAT file). They just wouldn't be able to
do anything with it other than turning it on or off.
Am I going to have to send out our custom hatch patterns along with the file
when they are also using ADT ??? The boys in legal will love that!!!
Proxy objects might solve the problem if they don't have ADT, But what about
those with Object enablers?

Any thoughts from AutoDesk?

Gary J. Orr
Cadd Manager
Gossen Livingston Associates
Wichita Kansas
*Smell, James
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Re: Disappearing wall hatches

09-25-2001 10:02 AM in reply to: *Orr, Gary J.

i believe there is a setting that needs to be changed in the registry.

can anyone shed any more light on this one? i cannot recall the setting.

*August, Nick
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Re: Disappearing wall hatches

09-26-2001 12:28 AM in reply to: *Orr, Gary J.
Explain this:
-MaxHatch environment setting is at max.
*Orr, Gary J.
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09-26-2001 06:36 AM in reply to: *Orr, Gary J.
MaxHatch is a registry value that determines how many lines can be created
in a single hatch. If the number of lines in the hatch exceeds the value in
the variable the hatch will not be created. Primarily used for keeping file
size smaller and keeping drawings more manageble. The default value is
10000, but can be increased up to 10000000 by entering the following at the
command line:
(setenv "MaxHatch" "10000000")
It is case snnsitive.
Use caution as - the higher you go , the slower you go.

Gary J. Orr
Cadd Manager
Gossen Livingston Associates
Wichita Kansas

Nick August wrote in message
> Explain this:
> -MaxHatch environment setting is at max.
> Nick
Distinguished Contributor
Posts: 1,196
Registered: ‎03-03-2004
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Re: Disappearing wall hatches

07-10-2012 09:05 AM in reply to: *Orr, Gary J.

Hasn't this been replaced with 'hpmaxlines' ?


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