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autocad 2013LT and windows 7 or "XP" mode

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04-29-2012 05:00 PM

at the root of my prior post, my arch. office recently bought some, not all, new hardware with windows 7. this can switch to "XP" mode to run our old autocad 2005, which windows 7 doesn't support. after many glitches, the office is now considering buying autocad 2013LT which evidently is supported by windows 7. any thoughts on this? will we be in for more trouble? how about the "old" hardware that only has XP and will now be running AutocadLT on this? how about our old 2005 drwg. files that we still use...can we translate them to 2013LT and continue to work on them? or must they stay using the autocad 2005? I am NOT an IT or computer person, only an end user, and so assuming I will only understand the most basic answers about issues/pros/cons. Am really looking for comments advising that we are or are not headed for more trouble! thanks for any and all replies!

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Re: autocad 2013LT and windows 7 or "XP" mode

05-01-2012 03:04 PM in reply to: barbjsweeney

I was going to point you to the AutoCAD LT forum, but you are already getting plenty of good responses there. Double cross posting is generally frowned upon. I personally would stick with your older products until at least the first service pack for 2013 comes out. If XP mode is giving you problems look at VMware Workstation. ~ Mary

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