AutoCAD Structural Detailing General DIscussion

AutoCAD Structural Detailing General DIscussion

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education and training.

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07-15-2009 07:51 AM
hi, just talked to my retailer to find out what there plan for training was,
They explained they had no one at this time that knew how to use it, but they would teach me for just over $6000.00.
now putting aside the obvious contradiction from my retailer, im never going to spend more on training for this software than the original cost of the software. So i beg again, please provide affordable and comprehensive training for this software by someone that knows how to use it.

Why do i care :
Im a 20 year structural draftsman that is facing the reality that my method of detailing using just plain old AutoCad is quickly becoming a worthless skill. If i could get this working, i could use it in place of purchasing another software package and scraping AutoCad.

My experience with it so far:
I've had this software a long time (longer than most) but have no real understanding on how it works. Ive begged for training through every source i can find, Ive attempted to pluck about and sort it, I've taken Revit training in hopes to sort it, but the program is simply to expansive without assistance for one guy in a room by himself to get it.

What would be in this for AutoDesk.
There is no way AutoDesk has invested this much money to bring this software to the U.S. market to see it rot. It would seem that this is a change over software, that alone takes resources and time with proper training, so simply put without a proper training regiment this software will fail.

AutoDesk;s tradition questioned.
Normally left to the retailers to provide this form of training method is not going to work for one very simple reason, there are no structural draftsman that can teach the software becouse there are no structural draftsman that have learned the software, and you cannot teach the software without understanding how to detail steel. I cannot stress enough how important it is to go to a three day class and start drawing the next building using this software, I cannot do it any other way, i cannot implement this software without training.

Please AutoDesk - this is the right software at the right time, you are missing your chance to change everything. Please follow through with a comprehensive training program that is affordable and complete.

I would be willing to travel to attend a class.
As a detailer, Ive wanted this software for a long time, ive begged you for it, now you have provided it, Now i beg, Is there anyway i can get affordable and comprehensive instruction on how to use it.

thank you for your time reading this
Ron Punturi
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Re: education and training.

07-15-2009 08:13 AM in reply to: ronsoffice
We purchased the Revit Structure Suite purely for ASD as I'm a steelwork detailer and I agree, it's the right program at the right time and very affordable. I taught myself to model, detail and generate shop drawings in ASD, making use of the support team employed by Autodesk. I have logged more than 40 support requests this year alone and the guys in Poland have been extremely helpful. They are knowledgeable and have answered each of my SR's within a day or 2. I strongly recommend to make use of this service as you are anyway paying for it if you have chosen the subscritpion option.

i now do all my projects on ASD and am learning new things every time. I think this is a very powerful program, if you know how to use it to its full extent.
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Re: education and training.

07-15-2009 08:26 AM in reply to: ronsoffice
if you are near the Indiana area, and have a moment - could you contact me via email, could be profitable for you. :smileywink:
thank you.
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Re: education and training.

10-29-2009 09:41 AM in reply to: ronsoffice
I am currently trying to teach myself ASD and some training and/or support would be most helpful. Can you provide me with the contact information for the group in Poland? Thank you.
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Re: education and training.

10-29-2009 03:29 PM in reply to: ronsoffice

I hope this help you

Perdon por no escribirle en ingles jejeje

Coincido con ustedes. Este es un excelente software pero la ayuda y la documentacion no es reciente, es de versiones viajas. NO esta actualizada y es muy pobre. Incluso, la liga que les dejo es de una version que corre en AutoCAD 2004... imaginense.

Autodesk deberia de darle la importancia real a este software. ¿Para que compran a una compañia que desarrollo un excelente software si no le invierten al mismo en tutoriales y ayuda en linea? Ahora Autodesk lo esta comercializando.

Ademas, deberian de generar templates para mas paises, desde luego Mexico. Solo se le prestan tencion a los paises mas desarrollados y descuidan a los demas. Esto impide que mas paises lo adopten por la poca o nula informacion sobre el manejo de esta potente herramienta. No se aprovecha al maximo.

Por favor Autodesk hagan algo al respecto o retiren este software del mercado. No va con su estilo. Nos tiene aconstumbrados a mejores tutoriales y ayuda en linea. De hecho el foro de discusion lo dice todos.... somos my pocos los participantes.

Un saludos.
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