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AutoCAD Structural Detailing General DIscussion

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Custom connections in ASD 2011?

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11-01-2010 06:54 AM

I am still having incredible difficulty using this software for my company's needs.  We are a structural steel shop that builds things according to customer-supplied standards for connections, railings, ladders, etc.


Currently neither Autodesk themselves or my Reseller seem to really care if there are issues with their software, or these issues would have been resolved last release.  Once it's paid for, you're pretty much on your own.


My issue is this:


A) I want to create a connection from a beam to a column web (shearplate) with 10mm stiffener plates top and bottom, on both sides or the column web.  Currently, I have to create the shearplate connection, and then go into the "ribs" dialog box and insert them (I'm actually creating stiffeners, but there is no option in the shearplate dialog for sitffeners), resulting in incorrect placement (due to how the ribs insert), and then finally, moving the ribs into the correct spots.  Is there ANY way to "build a connection" and then save it down as a template to use?  I  know you can set your bolt spacing, plate sizes, etc. in the dialog boxes and then save that as a template, but should you not be able to either create from scratch and save it down, or modify an existing connection to include things like stiffeners?


B) I have a connection of a beam to an HSS column.  All I want to do is create a 12mm repad with a 12mm shearplate welded perpendicular to it.  Then, this gets welded onto the HSS column, and the beam bolts up to it.  When I try to add ANY kind of "beam to column" connection, I pick the HSS column first, and then the beam second.  EVERY SINGLE TIME, I get the "Profiles do not meet connection criteria" excuse at the command line.


Does anybody have ANY suggestions of workarounds for these issue?  I highly doubt Autodesk even reads these forums anymore, but if you are listening...


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Re: Custom connections in ASD 2011?

11-04-2010 06:03 PM in reply to: GARTHLEECE5233
You should done a research first before buying any tool. If you're pressed to used this tool and to be advanced, it is for you to figure things out. Read whitepapers for its limitations. I guess I'm not a help-- goodluck!

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Re: Custom connections in ASD 2011?

02-08-2011 07:59 PM in reply to: GARTHLEECE5233

What you have mentioned is not hard to do but difficult to explain via text mesages

I have worked through almost all the problems and have found ways to solve the problem

It takes a lot of perseverence but you can get there

Once you understand the software It's a real good program

I have been making small videos of different things and if you can show me what you want I may be able to help

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Re: Custom connections in ASD 2011?

02-21-2011 05:43 AM in reply to: GARTHLEECE5233

Hello all,


Tony i'm having the same problems just like Garthleece5233. For example how do you do a custom connection? You are drawing helping lines or how?



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Re: Custom connections in ASD 2011?

06-27-2011 03:02 AM in reply to: GARTHLEECE5233

Answer to Q2

Try temporarily changing the column to a UC do the conection and then explode the connection and replace the column back to original

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Re: Custom connections in ASD 2011?

01-12-2013 01:55 AM in reply to: deltawaservices

Unless, custom creation of connection joint is possible in ASD steel, this software can't be used.

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Re: Custom connections in ASD 2011?

01-13-2013 04:43 AM in reply to: GARTHLEECE5233

in ASD you can't create and save custom conection, When i was working with this software the only way to create custom connection was creating all single elements one by one (plates, bolts, welds, holes, copes etc) and creating all custom connections one by one (good luck with that if you have big structure :smileyhappy:   ) My recomedations - Graitec AdvanceSteel, or if you have very very big budget Tekla.  Best regards

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Re: Custom connections in ASD 2011?

01-14-2013 04:12 AM in reply to: GARTHLEECE5233

Hi all, first, ZHUKOV_ING this is an ASD forum and altough we know ASD is an basic and archaic software, GARTHLEECE5233 need users help. Sometimes some things may be done as Tony mentioned, changing profiles, do your connection, explode or maintain it, back to your desired profiles. Also try with connections that were not designed for that location.

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