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03-02-2000 08:28 AM in reply to: *Engineers, Metz
> The old standard was, the first string of dimensions should be 3/4" away
> from the object, and each additional string should be 1/4" from the
> preceding one. And all walls that touch an exterior wall are dimensioned
> with an exterior string, rather than a string running through the interior
> of the building. But even with all these rules, dimensioning is still as
> much an art as a science.

I can honestly say I've had next to no experience with manual drafting (well
school but that doesn't seem to count anymore). Is this standard still
applicable to dimensioning in the base file? How do you compose the dimensions
if you don't know where one viewport ends and another begins? And as to the
"art of dimensioning..." you're right but I still (as I'm sure you do) think the
basics can be thought and it seems that so many of the people that I work with
have either forgotten or never knew to begin with.

> > Then
> >I, quite by accident, figured out that I could dimension in PaperSpace and
> still
> >have it associative. And that, as they say, was that. I was hooked.
> Still am.
> >
> This is brand new information for me. I'm going have to go check it out.

The variable you'll need (in case I haven't mentioned it yet) is DIMLFAC. Set
it to your scale factor. It will multiply the dimension AutoCAD finds by the
scale factor and report that number... so 1" in ps at 1/8"=1'-0" (scale factor
96) will become 8'-0". Pretty slick. I don't know how accurate it is but if I
ever catch one my architects dimensioning below a 1/2"...

> Does this mean you have a different defined linetype for each scale factor?
> If so, this seems like more trouble than using a single set of linetypes
> that work for every scale via the varying LTSCALE setting.

No... I use the standard linetypes from AutoCAD with the occasional new one
thrown in for fun. I just let the scale factor of the viewport control the
scale factor of my linetype which will work as long as PSLTSCALE is 1.
However... when I need a viewport in the same file as my line work (no xrefs)
then I set my PSLTSCALE to 0 and my LTSCALE to my DIMSCALE same as you (if I
understand you correctly and if I don't then I'm throughly confused).

> By the way, thanks very much for the lively debate. It seems that whenever
> I suggest to some people in this NG that their LTSCALE/PSLTSCALE strategy
> may not be the only one or the best one, they seem to get offended and just
> cut off the discussion. I really appreciate your frankness and your ability
> to explain and analyze. I have found this thread very helpful.

Right back at you. Keep the lines of communication open!
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