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Two solutions to... Acad 14 "FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Access Violation Exception"

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02-13-2011 03:20 PM

Some time ago I was getting a particular "FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Access Violation Exception at..." in AutoCAD 14 only when I would try to exit a particular drawing file after editing.


I was also getting this type of crash at what appeared to be random times while editing any drawing.




In the first case above it was a corruption in the drawing file with one of the drawing elements (a line). I realized that an older copy of the drawing file was still OK. Something I added since was the problem. What I did was reopen a copy of the drawing and delete part of it then save and try to exit. If OK then the problem was in the part I deleted. If not then the problem was in the part that remained. I did this several times narrowing down the area of the drawing that contained the problem. Eventually it turned out to be a single short blue line (representing a steel strap in a framing plan). Once that line was removed all was OK again and I could continue editing the file. I have no idea why a line would (or could) be corrupted in such a way as to cause this but that's what it was.


In the second case above I discovered that if I created a block (for later insertion in a drawing) that has in it any "Wipeout"s (from the Bonus Tools) then insert this block into another drawing file and then try to hatch a closed area that is next to it while this said block is visible on the screen I would get this type of crash every time! The work-around for me is to either not use "Wipeouts" in certain blocks, place these kinds of blocks on a layer that I can temporarily turn off while hatching, or make sure that the offending block(s) are outside the view on my screen (not visible) while I hatch whatever it is I want to hatch.


If anyone else is having these problems I hope this helps.


By the way... when AutoCAD 14 crashes in this way DO NOT let it save the changes or your file will be corrupted permanently!

Simi Valley, CA

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