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Transfer Settings

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01-10-2011 04:56 AM

Hi All


I know this is some old software but was wondering if anyone knew how to tranfer a users personal settings, ie location of toolbars etc, between two computers? This is for Autocad 97.


Many Thanks



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Re: Transfer Settings

01-12-2011 10:22 AM in reply to: Tom-M

Read up on MNU,MNC,MNS & MNR files to figure out which is/are the modified one(s) and which to leave alone. Then on the target PC install and fire up the program. Make a backup copy of the file(s) you are otherwise going to overwrite and put it/them in a safe place. Now grab a copy of the file or files from your old PC/setup that contain the modifications, and use these to overwrite the ones in your normal directory (remember, you have copies of the installed versions elsewhere in case this doesn't work). If it's just tools and toolbar arrangements then it should work. If there is more to transfer, such as custom button images and additional hatch patterns, you will probably have to locate them on the old setup and copy them to the identical folders on the new setup. I am ssuming you are going from one PC to another? The last step of course is to finish removing AutoCAD from the old PC. :smileyhappy:

I hope my info was useful, but if by some odd chance it actually solved your issue, feel free to mark your post as "Accept as Solution". Thanks! :smileyhappy:
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