AutoCAD Plant 3D General DIscussion

AutoCAD Plant 3D General DIscussion

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Re: Wish List AutoCAD Plant3D 2014

01-10-2013 12:12 PM in reply to: ybogdanov
  1. Fabrication spool piece creation in ortho style
  2. Elevation from finished ground level / finished floor level/North and East Coordinates which could be annotated automatically from the pick point of an orthographic view.
  3. Pipe support length auto adjusting with respect to the FFL/FGL and the pipe elevation changes.
  4. Auto-flanging : flanges shall be placed automatically in desirable distance during pipe long pipe routing. [in case of  shop prefabricated pipes are used]
  5. Auto re-arranging of valve numbers in sequence even any valves added or deleted from a process line.
  6. Numbering system in P&ID shall be improved. if we want to number 6" valve 6"-101,6"-102,"6-103..  8" valves also in the same serial number like 8"-101, 8"-102, 8"-103; i think presently it is not possible.
  7. Text style editing options in  P&D annotation to be improved.




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Re: Wish List AutoCAD Plant3D 2014

01-14-2013 07:14 PM in reply to: ybogdanov

It would be nice to have the option to template custom parts like you do for equipment.

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Re: Wish List AutoCAD Plant3D 2014

01-18-2013 01:49 AM in reply to: ybogdanov

-It would be nice be to have the option to import a linelist from an Excel-spreadsheet into Plant 3D and then use this list to route piping. I would like it to work the same way the P&ID Linelist works but without having to create an actual P&ID.


-Hatching in orthographic drawings

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Re: Wish List AutoCAD Plant3D 2014

01-18-2013 08:03 PM in reply to: alexander.o.pettersson

My overall impression of Plant 3D is okay, I think it will be a good program in a few releases. If you were starting off using a piping package and are not doing anything outside the norm then it is fine. I hope the Plant 3D development team take note of what the users are asking for and incorporate these them in release 2014 and later.


For us we are going to revert back to CadWorx for the next project and since it will be my responsibility to get the drawings out the door I am delighted.


A few comments:

The final straw came when using Plant 3D.


  • We do a lot of stubins at unusual angles, CadWorx this is not a problem and has a positive connection in Plant 3D it is hard to make that connection to the exact spot you want, it would be great to model the pipe to the intersection of construction lines and then say connect to pipe, I have details of a couple of ways for doing it but the next day the one I was using would not work. There goes an hour just trying to make a connection, the boss does not want to hear excuses.
  • To get gaskets and bolts on the end of a pipe run you have to add a piece of equipment, which is fair enough but  I could then not get it to do what I needed. In CadWorx you can add in gaskets and bolts as needed, in this situation that is all I needed, it would be good if I had the option to turn them back on, while not ideal it gets the drawing finished and the project moves on.
  • Stub flange, when you add a stub flange in don’t erase it if you erase the pipe, treat it like a normal flange. It’s not magical and can exist on its own, they can also be welded back to back.
  • Basically allow things to be added and taken away, the programmers who make up the rules don’t seem to understand, this program will be used in a lot of different situations that they do not know about. For example in CadWorx I have used a gasket and renamed it as a Paddle Blind, I was then able to add a spacer in the pipe along with Gaskets and a Paddle Blind which only appeared in the material list.
  • In CadWorx the Bleed Ring was simpler and could be used for a lot of misc. items like deflection cones when you just needed something to add to the model.



  • Basically we want as much information to appear on a drawing as possible. If there is only a couple of spools and a bend, it does not have to fill up the entire drawing space. Work out the optimum size and space required then like Isogen allow us to change that percentage if needed. Isogen’s basic isometric was consistent and good, they needed very little adjustment. Basically do up a few samples in both programs and try and get Plant 3d Isometrics to look like the industry standard.
  • For Plant 3D I do like the way the material list expands to accommodate longer descriptions if needed and the Isometric dimensions are actual AutoCAD dimensions and not text in blocks.

Isometric drawing sheet set up:

  • This is touted as a big improvement from Isogen and while initially it is a big improvement it falls down when you need to fine tune things. For example if you don’t actually want it to dimension direction arrows then get ready for a crash course in xml, it’s everywhere. You have to do a search in the discussion group copy the code across into IsoConfig.xml and hope for the best.
  • Separate the user settings from these files so you don’t have to input them again with a new upgrade.

Specs and Catalogs:

  • This is more advanced than CadWorx, there are a lot more shapes that you can work with. I would have preferred more separation between the Catalogs and Specs. In CadWorx the library files only contain the dimensions and weights the Specs contain the description. I found I was spending a lot more time changing the catalogs to get the descriptions correct this was mainly due to the fact that you cannot change the End Type in the Spec, so if you need two items which are the same but have different end types then you need two catalog items. You can synchronize the specs with the catalogs but you better be sure you have not used that item in a different spec which required the different End Type.
  • When creating custom valve types I use the basic valve and add the custom actuator as a block, it would be easier to keep these blocks separate and just add a direction to where it is located like Topworks in CadWorx.
  • Why have Valve and Valvebody just have Valve that allows a custom actuator if needed.
  • Sort out a common Catalog and Spec format that will work through all the different Plant 3D revisions. It is already a pain but will become major as time goes on, you already have catalogs in 2013 format that can’t be used in 2012 which is a pain when that is the one you want. Stop listening to the programmers you don’t need to update the database version each time and if you do get a different format. This will also stop having to migrate the specs and catalogs.
  • Stop locking the specs when Plant 3D starts up, it serves no purpose as the first user in has access to them anyway. It makes the testing of the specs a pain, make it optional.

Discussion Groups: 

Excellent resource, I would have been lost without them, the users have solved most of the problems I was having.

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Re: Wish List AutoCAD Plant3D 2014

01-24-2013 05:09 AM in reply to: ybogdanov

-Better library of pipe support and attachment databases

-MTO report (via Report creator & database manager) to display units of measurement particularly for fittings and boltings

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Re: Wish List AutoCAD Plant3D 2014

01-25-2013 04:51 AM in reply to: PatrickByrne

PatrickByrne wrote:

Discussion Groups: 

Excellent resource, I would have been lost without them, the users have solved most of the problems I was having.

Nice Post Patrick. I too find Forums / Discussion Groups to be a wealth of information.


There is also a CADWorx discussion forum, not sure if you are aware.


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Re: Wish List AutoCAD Plant3D 2014

01-27-2013 07:33 PM in reply to: ybogdanov

how can i download 3d plant?

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Re: Wish List AutoCAD Plant3D 2014

01-27-2013 07:47 PM in reply to: balbs29

Hi balbs29,


We have not released AutoCAD Plant 3D 2014 yet. However if you want to download the 2013 version, you can do so via our Trial Version page. 

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Re: Wish List AutoCAD Plant3D 2014

02-06-2013 10:13 AM in reply to: ybogdanov

1.  When a pipe is selected, it would be nice to have the T.O.P./C.O.P./B.O.P (maybe even T.O.I./B.O.I) listed in the properties palette for easy entry/changing.  Currently clicking the little arrow when the pipe is selected and "tabbing" to either T.O.P./C.O.P./B.O.P works, but sometimes they are out of the current zoom level view or are stacked on top of each other.


2.  Showing insulation as a seperate component in navisworks that could possibly be selected and given a transparency.  Currently I trace my pipe lines with a 3Dpolyline then sweep a circle with a diameter of the insulation.  This is a workaround but if i change my pipe, editing the swept solid is a bit of a pain.


3.  A better workflow for exporting/importing Plant3D models into Revit.  Unless there is a way that I havent read about.  Currently, whether I have the Revit link in the Plant3D dwg or an export using Exporttoautocad, Revit "sees" all the facets that make up the solids.  So trying to make Plan/Section drawings of equipment or pipe in Revit looks very odd/messy.


4.  Revise/check the dimensions of components in the out-of-the-box catalog.  I know this is suppose to be a starting point for the users, and we need to make changes, but it seems obvious that either; Autodesk didn't care to check the dimensions of certain components, outsourced it and a conversion from metric to imperial is off, or they used some non-standard manufacturer to come up with the numbers.  I have found gasket thicknesses to be completely wrong.  Reducer lengths to be out to .xxxxx decimal places that are so random.  Make them a round/standard number.  Those are just a few of many i have found.


5.  Let us make changes to the spec in the spec editor while Plant3D is open!!  (what a pain to constantly be switching)


6.  Ortho creation is a joke (not sure how to complete a full multidiscipline project drawing set using models exported from different softwares)


7.  Alternate ISOMETRIC naming schemes instead of just LineNumber-1...-2...etc.


8.  Easier to manipulate ISOMETRIC settings


9.  It would be nice if after placing a custom part using PLANTCUSTOMPARTS to be able to attach extra 3D modeled pieces to the new custom part.  When you create a piece of equipment you can model up extra 3D detail and use PLANTEQUIPMENTATTACH to basically "union" it to the piece of equipment.  If we could do the same for custom parts, that would eliminated having to create blocks.


10.  Make it so Plant3D equipment looks nicer in navisworks.  If i create a tank with domed roof, even when changing the faceting factor in navisworks to something very high, the tank still does not show a very smooth diameter or domed head.


11.  Ductwork/process conveying line styles/equipment in P&ID.  I know PIP standard doesnt cover that, but i would be great to have ductwork line styles/tags/equipment to be placed on P&ID.

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Re: Wish List AutoCAD Plant3D 2014

02-06-2013 10:21 AM in reply to: eski

almost forgot..  Vault integration if it makes sense.  Would like to see how its implementation could benefit this software.

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