AutoCAD Plant 3D General DIscussion

AutoCAD Plant 3D General DIscussion

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Re: User Wish List for 2012

03-16-2011 12:07 PM in reply to: sreid13

Something minor but would be nice visualy is to have the stem of the handwheel with an option of passing through the centre of the handwheel (rising stem).

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Re: User Wish List for 2012

03-16-2011 06:22 PM in reply to: sreid13

Wish to have "zone model views" (something new?) for zones in a model (these views are not in a layout) and the way they are made is just like the way you make them in Plant 3D ortho views. This is where you get a "cube" in the model, to make a zone model view, resize it, then pick the view you want, top, bottom, left, right, front, back, SE iso, SW iso, NE iso, NW iso and so on to view the model in, locate in the model where you want its location, have it so you can enlarge it (or make it smaller just like in a layout). Then place these views in the model space apart form the model itself, activate them just by clicking in them, have a border around them to show if they are active or inactive and perhaps in a different border color, name them, manage them, but have them all visible all at once (where they were last set to) so the user can readily identify which one you want to readily go to. AND THE USER CAN WORK IN ANY ONE OF THEM.


I believe if you can "zone" a plant (parallel), say a plant that is 4 levels high, 12 zones deep, and 20 zones wide this would be great or you could divide up the zones differently. This would make viewing and modeling a "master model" so much easier especially if you could create these zones with a "cube" just like the one used in Plant 3D ortho and perhaps a "created zone view window" where you can view all 7 views at once(?) to see if you got what you want, done by a popup window of some sort.


I realize things like "ram memory" might be a problem but the benefits would be tremendous. But the ram memory loss would be kept to a minimum because all the model zone views are not be active so only the ram needed to portray these views in 2D (even though they are a model view) is needed. Once you click outside the view you are working in then that would activate that view and deactivate the rest.


Benefits, just to name 1 are; if you are working on pump piping that is on the 3rd level, 3rd zone deep, 6th zone wide and most of the piping is better seen in the left (or perhaps a ISO of this zoned area) view you can readily get to it (if you divide all the zones up that you have a lot of work in) rather then turn a zillion layers on/off or go thru a zillion layer filters just to see what you are doing and you may need perhaps a few of these layers and filters turned on/off to route piping in such a confined area. Or you can create these model zone views as you need to then delete them but the master model still has the changes in it.


or if anyone knows how to do something like this right now (and if you do I would be highly embarrassed) please email me at and we can get in touch perhaps if needed for an informative verbal exchange on this.


Another way I have done this in the past is by xref. Every pipe nut and bolt is its own drawing. They are also on there own layer. So in order to route a pipe you have to xref all kinds of stuff into the new drawing (that you need to have to properly visualize and miss running into anything else) that you are routing your new pipe in. This is very time consuming in most cases but it saves on the "ram memory."


And make this available in "AutoCAD" not just Plant 3D.

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Re: User Wish List for 2012

03-17-2011 05:24 PM in reply to: sreid13

How about a button on the visibility panel :

pick from list of line#'s and xref names to reshow instead of having to show all and repick to hide

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Re: User Wish List for 2012

03-18-2011 07:18 AM in reply to: sreid13

With a Tool Palette’s “Hatch command” add the ability to choice “Pick Point” orSelect Object”.


Also in Ribbon’s Hatch panel add tool palette style hatches, so pattern and properties can be selected in one click.

IT would look just like the pattern panel, be be much more powerful.


and for a change HOW ABOUT MAKING IT IMPORT/EXPORTable!!!!!

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Re: User Wish List for 2012

03-21-2011 02:48 AM in reply to: sreid13
We need to construct the possibility of bent pipe. Just as with the Inventor. We want the radius and the section lengths can enter! This should include work with ISO-gen edition of the elongated tube length and the PCF output.
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Re: User Wish List for 2012

03-21-2011 12:12 PM in reply to: sreid13

We moved your post to the AutoCAD Architecture forum where there is likely to be more active feedback on the topic.

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Re: User Wish List for 2012

03-24-2011 11:54 PM in reply to: sreid13

My proposal are:


  • Making decent Isometric view to ortho drawings
  • Insulation should be transparent and as someone said also example one pipecomponent so it be easy to make insulation list
  • Isometric should be able to bind project gridlines so that isometrics shows measures to nearest gridlines
  • Isometrics should show insulation despite has it but on in the 3D model
  • Isometrics should also show connection to to equipment despite the reference has turned on
  • I think it would be good also to be able to show start and end point to the pipe line and it stays connected and shows somekind "connection" line (PDMS feature)
  • Specs and Catalog editor update: their is lots of doing
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User Wish List for P3D 2012 : Strutural

03-31-2011 02:54 AM in reply to: PeterQuinn

I am very disappointed with the functionality to import and export module structure Plant3D:

Autodesk has wonderful tools such as robot structure, Revit Structure and Structural Detailling. Plant3D but has a very poor interface SDNF Deplus which is buggy. For more details: # M2123 # M2114 # M2115

Furthermore, why not recover, see share functionality profile catalog Robot? For example:
- Plant3D in the popup choice of profile we do not visualize the size of mink Profile
- In the case of export to Robot, why force the user to create 2 times in one profile and other tools?
This double dévellopement for something substantially identical is not a reliable interfacing and efficiently.

Then, it seems also necessary in order to import structures from Plant3D Robot or Revit or Detailling. This so they can reintegrate into a project structure sized and validated changes by calculation or by studying in detail the model for all Plant3D.

Finally, it seems necessary to make intelligent objects of reinforced concrete for the same reason interfacing with other Autodesk good product (which Robo).

I hope to be very pleasantly surprised by the version 2012!

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Re: User Wish List for 2012

04-30-2011 10:49 AM in reply to: sreid13

Why AP3D has no plane profile of AutoCAD ( like "<<VANILLA>>" in other products of Autodesk)?
Sometimes users want to run a simple AutoCAD, but in any case in Plant 3D we always see importunate "Select Project" screen.
I wish to see option such as "Place Plant 3D as AutoCAD link on Desktop" during installation. And I want to have separate AutoCAD profile of this product.

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Re: User Wish List for 2012

05-09-2011 06:53 AM in reply to: reactor386

Just change your Workspace to 2D Drafting and Annotation for Vanilla AutoCAD.


Turn off the Welcome Screen by setting PlantWelcomeEnabled = 0


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